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My shop, sheds, equipment, some stripes...

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
I never post pics on here! Finally I decided to take some pictures tonight of basically everything and post them.

Stripes not showing as well as I had hoped, sun was hiding, plus it was later in the evening...

Jason Rose

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
Finally... The new 12 x 20 shed we built this last summer. It's on a "skid" so it's actually protable, so when I eventually move, it's coming along!

In the winter this thing is packed FULL. Most stuff is out and in use on the trailer now...



LawnSite Member
Purdue Campus
Hey Jason, I use the same fertilizer I see in your shop with Dimension 100 on my first round apps. I just recognized the bags! Cheers


LawnSite Gold Member
Fluid Film, post 2, pic 6. Whats my prize?

EDIT-dangit, I guess I wasn't first anyway...


LawnSite Bronze Member
yeah i thought it was the fluid film 15 pics down too