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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Precision, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Freddy_Kruger

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    How come you only use 21" mulch mowers?

    I thought the thinking was more lawns = bigger mowers.

    and do you actually mulch (I just started mulching a few lawns) or do you bag it and take it? leave it?

    I like the site btw, I'm struggling to get my own site up and running... been paying for it for three months now and it still aint up. In fact I would say your site has a very refreshing look to it.
  2. Precision

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    21" mowers

    we use them because anyone over the age of 10 can run one.
    no need for a trailer
    they run all day on a gallon of gas
    They only cost $1000
    Pretty simple and cheap to fix.
    They can be used on any lawn
    with 3 guys on a crew and 2 on mowers everyone gets done really close to the same time.

    Time is not my enemy. Pay by the yard. Fixed labor cost per yard.

    Yes, we mulch full time all the time. NO BAGGING. even if I wanted to, no where to haul it away in the truck. No problems and no complaints from clients. Most people around here are used to discharge or mulch and prefer mulching.

    this week I had a 2 man crew do 25 lawns this way in one day and due to the tropical storm it was a combination of two days routes so there was a lot of extra driving.
  3. Freddy_Kruger

    Freddy_Kruger LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Very good especially that part about fixed labour costs.:clapping:
  4. CrewCutEnterprises

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    Precision, Looking over your website, You said you use a ... property appraisers or something to find out their lot size? There isnt a web site to help you automate it like mine? It would help the customers know your not just pulling numbers out of the air.

    Also Are you the one who was posting about using bonuses to keep equipment breakage and loss to a minimum?? Im triing to find a way to make the guys stop nickle and diming me, and do a better service
  5. Precision

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    property appraiser is a website which lists all public records for the property to include plot dimension, location and a map. For commercial properties it even includes site pictures.

    And yes I use a bonus program for breakage reduction.

    Basically what I do is remove a little money I would have paid in their hourly / piecework "salary" (in my head) and translate that into a bonus.
    For example. Say you are willing to pay someone $10 per hour to start. Change that to $9.50 you now have $20 per week per employee for bonus and it has cost you nothing beyond what you were gonna pay. I chip in the extra $5 to make it an even $25 weekly.

    Then I let them know (in writing) that they will be paid a bonus (monthly) assuming no equipment is lost, damaged, stolen or otherwise made non-working through their fault. At the end of the month, each crew has a bonus pool. 3 man crew 4 week month = $300 pool

    Now say they run over an edger and destroy the shaft and tube. Cost to fix $125. $300 in bonus minus $125 repair bill $175 bonus -- divided by 3 man on crew = $58.33 bonus instead of the $100.

    believe me that extra $100 at the end of the month is a huge motivator. much more so than an extra $.50 an hour all the time.

    Now if something breaks due to old age or just breaks I don't take it out of their bonus. Most misuse items are obvious, and if not I rely on my mechanic to tell me why. Such as the gear getting warn out in a chainsaw from digging the saw into the ground. Deduction from bonus.
    Gear wears out from being 2 years old and it was just time. I pay for that no trouble. And it is really easy to tell the difference.
  6. Freddy_Kruger

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    OMG i just got a firiggin awesome Idea thanks to this thread.

    1st I checked to see if their was a canadian equivalent to the property assement site and their is.

    2nd, well you have to understand that I deliver flyers for window cleaning for years now. I drove up and down all the streets in the neighbourhoods I like and entered the address and a price to clean the windows out side only. I entered that into excell and do a word merge into blank spaces on my flyers/door hangers so that they get a flyer that says their address and a price. This is very effective and now I can do this with lawn care thanks to the info in the property assesment.
    damn, I going to deliver door hangers with an address and a price.:)
  7. Dunn's

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  8. N&CLandscaping

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    Hey I love that Simply Mowing Logo. Howd You Design it? and could you make one for me that looks like that? Landscapes Unlimited
    Landscapes Unlimited
  9. Precision

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    Thanks for the complement on the logo.

    If I could I would make you one, but I paid a local graphic artist to do it. He charged me like $90 for the design work, then the stuff on the truck was about $300 installed. I am not looking at the reciepts but that is fairly close.

    If you want I can give you their number, or just try your local guy who can do digital "wraps" mine is considered a 1/6th wrap.
  10. TPnTX

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    man sorry about the rain thats sux especially in your part of the country. We're in it too. One step away from rationing.

    I was driving by the lake that suppies our communty and there is grass growing in it. They are having to relocate the intake to a deeper area.

    Part of TJ's main area(hey TJ I'm Tom in the Royse City area) is from another lake which is worse off than we are. So far people have been able to irrigate sufficiently. So I dought it hit too bad.

    Next year will be busy if the drought ends the fall. If it doesn't we will have serious difficultly.

    In Fall of 05 my plan start a crew in 06. For various reasons I did not. I began to regret my decision as the Landscape and fence business started to slow in July. Now however I'm feeling a little lucky that I didn't.

    Oh by the way, a little plug here. TJ check out these bridges that I make. This one is installed out on lake Lewisville. Mention these to any landscapers you know. Maybe they can design them into a job this fall and I can sell a few.

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