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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by BSDeality, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. BSDeality

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    I put my site up a couple weeks ago in conjunction with advertising in a local magazine. From the looks of it, i'm getting some hits from it (IE, they're not referral links). Some are coming from MSN, Google, Yahoo, etc too. The problem is i'm not gettin through or coming off as professional as I am. The phone calls & emails just aren't coming.

    I like the idea of KISS, but at the same time i want to be informative and get people to come back to the site (education section, which i still need to complete).

    Someone give me some ideas.
  2. ksland

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    I like it, would add some more pictures on the home page. Don't like the big lawn pic on the lawn mowing page with the small column of text. Very informative. Not sure I would want the web site stats link though.
  3. BSDeality

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    Yea, i'm not too partial to the grass picture either. i'll have to get a different one in there.

    For now i'm going to remove the site stat's. i thought it might be helpful to viewers, but its not necessary. I have a more advanced stats page that i can see in the management section of the site.

    THere are screenshots attaached for those who won't see what it looked like before i remove it.

    Please keep the comments coming.


  4. tonygreek

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    first, i'd hope that your prospective customers have a sense of humor. searching yahoo for "stateline landscaping" brings back your site, as well as some of your posts here. i say "sense of humor" because i'd wager that your screen name might be viewed with some "apprehension". :) this is one of the big reasons i'm not a proponent of putting web site links in posts. yes, it increases seo relevancy, but it also increases the ability of the customer to peak behind the proverbial curtain.

    good idea on losing the stats. i'm never a fan of tipping one's hand to a customer (gee... nobody visits this guy. NEXT!), or to a competitor (ahhh... that's what WE should do, too!).

    home page:
    the green backgrounded logo/services box and "call today..." box don't integrate with the site. it looks slapped on from a few years ago. you clearly put a lot of work into your site, so i think if you had a better integrated look for those, you'd see a nice visual upgrade. even if you just boxed it in with a thin orage border, i think it would tie in better.

    the navigation menu:
    i think it's waaay too clinical looking. add this to the lack of any home page imagery, i'd easily confuse it for a technology services company. maybe try adding a bit of "pop" to the menu choices. for example, "education" to "Lawn Learnin' ". obviously, that's in jest, but something a bit more evident. as i look at it again, maybe it's more the design theme and not so much the verbiage. landscaping connotes "outdoors" and "relaxation". i'm not seeing that with the overall design. the menu looks like something i'd find on a web hosting company and not an "outdoorsy" company. i'd throw the "Services" section into this as well. it looks great, just not enough pop for a company such as yours. too clinical.

    yep, i'm repeating myself as i keep tabbing back to your site, but that's how the logic flows... :) beats editing.

    as i'm clicking through, i just keep returning to those thoughts. it's just not very warm. typically, i try to do a page-by-page review, but i don't think it's needed as you do nice work. i think the biggest reason is the visual design. i think if you address the overall look (the content seems good, and you're expanding it with the education section), i think you'll see the stickiness increase.

  5. BSDeality

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    thanks for the pointers tony.

    I figured my posts here would start showing up on the search engines. so i recently took my business name out of my signature line and put into my advatar only to limit it. The name is tied to a name i use on IRC, as i used to be a hardcore computer nerd. My server runs on FreeBSD unix in my house.

    On to the site: the green box you described is my actual ad i ran in the magazine which is why it doesn't quite match the rest of the site.

    The site is database driven, and a template at that. I'm working on incorporating a theme for my site. I'd really like to stay away from the typical 'green colored landscape site' look. I was thinking of going with a maroon-red color.

    I'll be tweaking and fiddling with it tonight, i'll try to get a picture or two on the homepage tonight, i was worried about load time, but i think i'll take out the magazine ad image instead.

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