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    As part of other medical stuff my Dr. had me go through a sleep study. I think self employed are going to have sleep problems at a higher rate than the general population but nonetheless I learned a few things and a new term."Sleep Hygiene"

    Main thing they look for is sleep apnea. No problem with me.
    I achieve REM sleep in 58 minutes. Very fast, potential narcolepsy. It usually takes 2-3 hours. While asleep I spend 35% of my sleep in REM also high. General population in the 25% range.

    After the study here are the new "Sleep Hygiene" rules I have to try and follow.
    No more than two cups of caffeine. Goodbye Red Bulls. Hello Decaf
    Only one beer a day max:cry:
    No liquids after 7pm. (So as not to interrupt my sleep getting up to pee:) )
    No scary movies or books before bedtime.:nono:
    Try not to read in bed. Read in your chair and then go to bed.
    Avoid evening exercise.
    Since I can't seem to sleep past 4am I need to start going to bed between 8-9pm.
    Nothing is affected more by your lifestyle than sleep.
    Being 50 really sux. Next up DA COLONOSCOPY:dizzy:
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    no pictures, please
  3. Fordsuvparts

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    The last line is not pleasant at all, i have had it done twice in 5 years, lucky for me that was not the problem. Only one beer will you survive!!!!
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    Are they afraid you're pooping in your sleep? :laugh:
  5. DanaMac

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    Your doc would love me. My sleep patterns are so bad. Rarely sleep 6 hours, usually 4-5. I can fall asleep at the drop of a sprinkler head. But staying asleep is the problem.

    Last night -
    Asleep at 9:30 on the couch
    Awake at 1:00
    Back asleep at 4:45
    Awake at 6:00
    Not much REM sleep in there either.

    2-4 cups of coffee a WEEK
    Not much caffeine at all
    Haven't had a beer in a week - makes me sleep even worse
    Main issue is work stress right now. Sleep will get better in 2-3 weeks. if I don't have a heart attack first :) Or fall asleep driving :sleeping:
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    Why not read a book in bed? Never heard of that one. When I can't sleep, that's the first thing I do in order try to get myself tired again....then again, start to read something I like and then I try to stay up.

    Avoid evening exercise.....try that with a 3 and 5 year old. It's the only time that I get to spend with the little ones when I'm home in the valley.

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    No:rolleyes: Just a turn 50 rite of passage. Colon cancer and testicular cancer are the two cancers you need to be checked for cuz your body won't tell you you have them until it is too late. I'm trying to get all this stuff on this years deductible while I'm dealing with other stuff that are the real issues.

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    The book in bed thing is they want your bed to be for sleep. Nothing to compete with it. Exercise issue is tough. Fortunately I've given it up altogether.:)
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    no beer?

  10. Mike Leary

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    Jezz, I comiserate..I'm 62 (as of Oct 20) problem with sleep except
    dreams of girlfriends during the fifties & sixties. You gotta go to bed earlier
    & get some rest..some need 10-12 hrs. I do.

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