My Small Claims Court Hearing Today

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I sued my first dead beat this morning in small claims court. He didn't show up, so I won a default judgement. Now I just have to file the judgement with the county clerk and this guy will have to pay me if he ever wants to sell his house or get a home equity loan. It will probably make it next to impossible for him to get any credit from banks, cell phone companies, etc. The only way out is for the guy to file bankruptcy.

One thing I wanted to point out that most folks aren't aware of: Bush signed some new law or act or something that gives a greater benefit of the doubt to military personel serving over seas. There were three no-show defendents before my case was heard this morning. All three of the plaintiffs were told by the judge that if they wanted a default judgement (a default judgement is an automatic win if the defendent doesn't show up) they would have to sign a document under penalty of perjury that they personally knew for certain that the defendent was not in the military. I guess servicemen can be called to duty with little advance notice, so they might not remember to notify the court that they'll be absent at the time of their trial. So if you're suing someone, make sure they aren't serving in the military over seas. The three plaintiffs before me all had to set a new trial date. In the mean time, they're supposed to find out if the defendent is in the military. The only reason I didn't have to do that was because the defendent in my case sent the judge a letter explaining their financial difficulties.

Oh well. I won. Now I probaly should do the same thing to four other former customers.

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Chalk one up for the good guys.

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congraulations, i had one customer that didn't not want to pay her bill, she was going to call bbb on me. i told her i'm going to small claims court on her., when i said that she had a check in the mail.. whewww glad check went thru...

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