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Hey guys I have looked in recent and past posts and see where you all are charging roughly 2.00 or up per square yard or .50 cents per sq ft. I don't think I can get my numbers to match and be competitive. I am saying that I have to charge way less. For instance my brother had his house about 5-6000sqft sodded at 1000-1500. There was no prep needed so they just laid it. That may be the reason its so cheap. I am looking at a site at 2700 sqft. I am estimating based on time involved equipment costs and overhead with applied profit margin. Is it fair to say that I should be looking at around $1350 for this job. The job needs grass/weed kill, some soil amendment, and rototilling before sod is laid. I don't want to screw my client or myself.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY


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check your math.<p>50 cents per square foot equals $4.50 per yard.

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