My spray/fert set-up

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  1. Yall remember this truck....

    spray rig 11.jpg
  2. Perma Green on back with carry rack.

    spray rig 12.jpg
  3. 200gal skid sprayer with 300' hose reel and 525' synflex hose reel, both electric rewind. I use the synflex if blanket spraying with a hose and the other to fill PG unit.

    spray rig 13.jpg
  4. DLCS

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    Nice setup you got there, is that a Lesco skid sprayer on the truck?
  5. Close up.

    I do some sub apps so I have to use the 525' reel.

    Without it, I put 3 pallets on the truck.

    spray rig 14.jpg
  6. DLCS

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    Sorry, I thought you were done.:)
  7. Yup Lesco. I have had it for 7 years I think.
  8. greensummer

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    where can I find Synflex hoses with the "repair kit"?

    Thanks Tommy

  9. LawnMagic1

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    very nice. I like rider. How many 1,000 sqft can you spray with one tank?
  10. Repair kit........I have a band-it, so stick a plastic hose barb in and you are fixed, but I haven't had a break yet.

    32,000 --- 8 gallons

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