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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by scagchevy4life, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. scagchevy4life

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    well.. i am going to say this.. and half the people here are going to hate me for this.
    My company was started by me and a friend. I have, 48" scag WB, Stihl FS85, FS110, and Shinadowa EB630. I started with nothing. My motive was to get some lawns. Before i had this equipemnt, I was moving into community with over 180 homes. I decided... ill find lawns.. then get equipment accordingly. After 5 days of advertising, i had 40 phone calls. My dad gave let me borrow some cash and bought me all of that equipment above except for the FS110. After 1 season, i was able to pay all that off. Then i purchased a 1994 chevy k1500.
    This season, i decided i wanted to go more pro. My truck looked a little... well not good looking. So i found a 2000 Chevy 2500HD 6.0L w/ 60k miles for only $10k. Couldnt let that down. So my job at subway now pays that off until summer. My buddy i pay to work for me went out and purchased a used Scag Turf Tiger 62" 29HP liquid cooled Kawi.. wit 454hours for only $5k.
    This year i now have 70 lawns. He has a 1998 Ford F-350 W/ powerstroke. 14' trailer. Trying to save up for landscaping racks.
    (btw.. how much insurance do you all think is good for this) i am currently running with 1 million for only $345 a year... not too bad.

    LSP Lawn Maintience
  2. scagchevy4life

    scagchevy4life LawnSite Member
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    also.. .i am only 17 years old. i turn 18 August 2nd
  3. KCLandscape

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    Always feels good to scratch your own back...
  4. ALarsh

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    70 lawns and saving up for landscaping racks?:dizzy:
  5. iluvscag

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    Something sounds fishy about the Scag Turftiger? What year is it?:)
  6. scagchevy4life

    scagchevy4life LawnSite Member
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    umm.. 2002.. everything is in check. Its got the advantage deck. The thing works very nice. Haha sry ive been gone lately. The reason i was savin up for some racks was because i work at subway during winter. I dont do winter maintinace.. And as you know. That job pays around $1an hour.. lmao jp. but i was paying off the new mower and stuff. I just bought this trailer. Its been pretty exciting for me as of lately. buisness is starting up nicely for this season already! Good luck to all those waiting. Nice weather soon to come!:weightlifter:
  7. zim bob the landscaper

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    wow 70 lawns dame thats crazy i couldent keep up with that definatly with a crapsman i cant wait to get another mower.:dancing:
  8. scagchevy4life

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    yea they are only like half acres each cept for like 10 of them.. are like 1 mayube lil more each. But its me and a buddy. Its fun. I love it. Me and the ipod. You will move on from that baby. but ull never throw it out... gaurantee it

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