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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jaybow, Dec 28, 2007.

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    Well I have been working in the auto industry for about 10 and one half years. Started at that in 1997 and I have made descent money but my future is so uncertain and I have 2 children one 9 and one 2. I think at some point every man has a dream of running a succesful buisness.So I started my lawn service this past spring and my first year I had as many as 25 customers.I lost a couple for different reasons but all in all it has been a blessing even though im verry tired because I still work the job in the auto industry.I dont know where my buisness is going but I enjoy it and it brought in alot of money this year.I have paid bills that I would have struggled with and bought and done things that I wuoldnt have been able to.I would love to learn more about the commercial side of the buisness and get even more profit from the buisness. I have found some pretty good ways of advertising residentialy and now need to get out and make some connections in the commercial market. I talked to a neighbor of mine who owns a succesful construction company and he told me something that stuck with me. He said in his 35 years of buisness he never burned a bridge. Sounds like common sence to me but I think alot of people have a problem doing this.They commit to things they cannot handle or just sometimes get lazy.I know if I do quality work and treat people respectfully and dont burn bridges nothing can stop me. :weightlifter:
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    Wow thats intresting what Ive been reading is Michagan is going through extremly hard times with massive layoffs in the auto industry and the housing bubble burst. I also read that there is massive unemployment and you are able to run a buis, impressive
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    These things are all true but if you think about the people that are usually looking for lawn service are elderly/disabled/other buisness owners and such.Not to mention that all the hud houses and bank owned properties also need lawn service as well.Disabled cant mow because if they are caught they can loose their disability benefits.Most elderly have already made their living with retirement funds and such so paying for lawn service isnt a big deal. So there is still plenty of work to go around. And a little help from the man upstairs doesnt hurt either.
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    Good luck to you man! Im in kinda the same boat, I work full time rotating shifts and LC on the side. Im not looking to leave my full time job because the wife and kids are on my benefits. I have made good money and bought the family things that would ordinarily took longer to get. And to me that makes all the long days worth it! Dont get me wrong its not been all gravy, I have learned some lessons alone the way but all and all been successful.
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    Hey I see that mustang in the garage. Thats a sweet ride. I had an 1988 GT 5 speed stick and I loved it. I sold it to throw some extra money down on my second home some years ago but in the future I hope to get another one to toy around with. And I to need the benefits for the family. Thanks for the reply.
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    Never burning bridges is a good thing. I've got a friend whose dad has about 90 employees doing lawn care and landscaping. He has about 20 mowers and 20 Cat skid steers, plus other stuff. He still mows for his very first account, back when he started with a Bob Cat 48" wb. Even though it isn't that profitable for him, he demonstrates professionalism and care, which goes a long way in service businesses.
    I'm finding that a lot of elderly people are looking for lawn service these days. I keep having people ask about mowing for their elderly parents or a couple times for somebody whose had a heart attack or something and can't work for a few weeks. One of my customers, who isn't what I consider old (mid 50s) keeps referring her older neighbors to me and says she doesn't know how I'll keep up with demand. "We're all getting older, you know!"

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