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    I know this is gonna be long, but hopefully you will enjoy it. I am currently 18 years old and have been mowing for half of my life now. It all started when I was 9 years old, my parents didn't have the money to buy a lawn mower for me, so I went and borrowed a neighbors. The neighbor and I made a deal that I will never regret. He let me borrow his mower as often as I wanted to, and I could mow as many yards as I wanted to, if I mowed his yard for free. Along with the mower, he let me borrow a blower and a trimmer. I did this for a while and made lots of money, and never gave it up. The guy and his wife that I borrowed the mower from is my parents best friends and his son (my little brothers age) is my brothers best friend. Our two families have come together and are as insepertable as friends can be. To this day (almost 10 years later) I still mow his yard free even though I don't use his equipment anymore (however he does give me a fair share of money, he bought my first big trailer when I turned 16, gave me money for a couple of trimmers, and just helped pay for another push blower). I have expanded so much, and him, along with my family, have helped me out so much. This is the main reason I am where I am today. Currently, I have several crews working doing as much as I can get them to do. I am a full time student getting my Horticulture/landscape design degree, and work over 40 hours a week (don't ask)! On top of my landscaping business, when not behind on yards, many of my employees work with me in a concession stand at fairs and festivals on the weekend for fun. This is my story (actually in a short version compared to everything that has happened). I know one day I will probably die at an early age because of stress but this is what I LOVE to do!
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    Hey Cameron,

    I just now got around to reading your story. Thanks for sharing it. I'm just up the road here in Wake Forest and have jobs here, Knightdale and the RTP. Shoot me an email someday or I'm sure we will pass each other on Capital Blvd. from time to time.


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