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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Johnson, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. Johnson

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    Well I am a full time Deputy Sheriff with good pay and retirement plan. However, lawn care is something I have always enjoyed doing. I started out last mowing for my landlord. I actually got my first gig when I called to complain about who was currently cutting the grass. I was asked if I knew who would do a better job. I said, "me". I started out with 22 condo units and NO EQUIPMENT. The rush was on, i figured this was my chance. I bought a craftsman push mower (what was I thinking?) a craftsman trimmer and went to work. Well that lasted for about 2 weeks before they were calling me asking me if I wanted to take on some of their other properties. Being an eager beaver like myself, I said yes. Within 2 months I was up to approx 50 condo units (when I say units, I am counting every individual dwelling.....6 units in one building) and 4 four family units. I had purchased a cub cadet riding mower and added some landscaping tools and a trailer. Shortly after I decided I needed a commercial mower. I got a deal on a used 48 Exmaek w/b. It cut my time by better than half. Well, last year is gone and I am ready for this year. I am thinking about quitting the condos and going residential due to the property owner always trying to get me to sacrafice service for a better price. Still debating that one. Anyways, that is me. BTW, I really enjoy reading this site.

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    Welcome to,Sheriff and good luck to you.I'm new to the business as well and have learned a tremendous amount since discovering this website.
  3. Rollacosta

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    so why do you need to take work from the full time lawn guys??? how much money do you need? sorry but guys like you jar me off..i dont think its possible to do two jobs and do them both to a high standerd :angry:
  4. The C Man

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    I'm sure you're unanimous in that opinion.
  5. haynestotallawns

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    Get a grip man! You think he's gonna take business from you? Big deal if your as good as you think you are you shouldn't have to worry about it. I work this as a part time gig as well, if you don't like it, to bad. It's my business Grow up junior
  6. Johnson

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    You know what they say about opinions............True, I do this part time. however, i try not to be a low baller and insult those doing this full time. I am not out there doing things for a dirt cheap price. I am providing a service second to none and expect to get paid accordingly. If that is hard for you to deal with (Rolla), that's your problem. I respect wht you do, how about respecting what I do. I am not taking food out of your mouth.
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    There's plenty of work out there for all of us!
  8. lawnranger44

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    I agree, theres more than enough work out there...

    Even in the UK Rolla...

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