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    Well, I started cutting lawns when I was 8. I cut about 3 houses from then till i was 14, then i cut a few neighbors and such with our 21". I saved up all the money i had earned up until i was 16. i had about a grand or so saved up. when i turned 16 (this past march) i had my 98 dakota, and i used 2 21" cubs and JD trimmer, edger, and blower attachments. the next month, in may, i bought a stihl 110 edger and trimmer and a 420 mag blower. that same month i bought a 48" mower and 36" mower.

    i started out in april with 6 accounts, by may i had 20+, and now i have 40.

    i have had a dream of doing this, and still do, but i want to do more commercial and landscape. Im a junior in High School, and plan on going to michigan state for college and hiring someone else to run my business while im up at state for college. and coming back to run it in the summer. i plan on being a landscape archetech and having a degree in business also.

    hopefully i will own my own shop when i graduate college, and hopefully next year i will have 50+ accounts with atleast 10 commercial. right now i do awsome work, and have gotten some accounts from larger co's from around here because those larger accounts were not as reliable as me.

    so this is really my first year, i started out with a pickup and 2 21"s and some cheapo JD equipment. now i have good equipment with a trailer....

    within the next month i plan on buying a new truck, maybe a cheap used one, or maybe a nice new diesel. im not sure. and i want to get a 16 or 18ft enclosed trailer, but i might wait till next year seeing that theres only a few more months left in the season. but i might buy a 16ft open cause its a good price. and next year get the enclosed and sell the 10fter and keep the 16 and run a second crew with the open 16 and enclosed 16.

    anyway, thats my story, and its basically my first year, and ive grown more then i thought...

    may i add, that i am lisenced, registered, and have insurance. and that all my equipment is paid for.

    hopefully i will be bigger next year with more resi's and more commercial...

    my dad is pretty sure he will be able to get me about 11 or so condo buildings to cut, be cause he owns alot and is at the top of the board. and my step dad might be able to get me a few Zenith Indu. buildings to cut because he is an account there and will reccomend me...

    so hopefully i will gain those 11 condos or more, plus the zenith buildings. plus other commercial accounts that i will strive to get.

    along with more residentails next year with advertising more and keep doing good work to get good refferals.
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    Hi PremierLandscaping,

    I know you can make your company as big as you want to! :)

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