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    I'vebeen landscaping my whole life. My Dad, Retired Police, started a business in DE, I worked for him. He moved to Florida, I went to U of F, got the degree in hort, wen to work for Disney in Orlando. They lasted a few years until I started cutting grass on the side. Before long I had new truck, trailer, mowers and two crews...Wife had a baby and I got tired of being out in the field, got a good job offer from TruGreen, so I sold the business and moved north....TruGreen wasn't all that it was promised and I find myself in a quasi-government job now Heading up the Landscape Department At Georgetown University in Washington DC.

    So I'm not self employed anymore. But it was a great experience. I doubt I'd go though it again though.....Unless I could buy a turn-key operation and not have to constantly be in the field.

    thanks for the forum

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