My T190 service records

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    For anyone who is interested in how much money I dumped into my T190 in service and some of the reason I started "dis-liking" my T190 read the following, these were the bigger records that I penciled down before handing them over to Finning:

    July 18-2003, hour meter reads 1.2 hrs, took delivery of unit, inspected, PDI'ed, tested and washed and customer picked up. N/C

    July 22, service call to repair fuse(s) Customer reported loss of all interior electrical functions. R & R fuses(s) with 30 amps. Hour meter 8.2 hrs. N/C

    No exact dates from here on in, just month and years:
    August 2003, service call to tighten main drive belt-excessive slippage. Hour meter 25.5. N/C

    August 2003 (same week) I hauled it in for repair-engine shut down due to over heating -cause- main radiator plugged with debris, blown out, coolant levels checked and tested, engine head checked, no leaks. Hour meter 50.1 hrs-->that was due to both the A/C and oil cooler rads being partially plugged and it's a real PITA to remove them, I didn't realize that the water rad was 90% blocked.

    I made 2 track adjustments in 2 weeks, first one was expected, not the second one, must have been a very harsh break in.

    At 50 hours, the first oil change was done, they call it the "break in" oil change.

    September 2003, made adjustment to steering levers, one side pulled harder. Fixed and tightened, charged to customer.

    January 2004, service call to find oil leak in machine, cause-blown O-ring in valve bank. R &R topped of oil reservoir with 4 liters and friction buster additive. Charged to customer.

    March 2004, replaced aux. slider switch, problem, no proportional functions. R & R, tested and checked, labour was paid by customer and parts are warranty.

    June 2004, adjusted left steering handle, too loose. Charged to customer.

    July 2004 service call to replace bolts for steering flex plate, problem-steering functions lost and machine had to be stalled to shut off. R & R and tested. Charged to customer.

    One year warranty on machine expires, 2 years on drive train left.

    September 2004, tighten and replace main tilt tach pivot pins, problem-excessive movement in quick attach, found broken bushing on right side. R & R and charged to customer.

    November 2004, service call to repair oil leak, problem-aux. line rubbing on chassis -cause- excessive vibrations while hammering with customer's attachment (that was debatable) new hose, fittings and oil. R & R and charged to customer.

    May 2005, welded lower loader arm -problem- large crack around tapered pin bushing, crack is 60% through loader arm. Re-weld, clean out. and re-weld loader arm with 1/4" thick plates both sides. Charged to customer ($918.00)

    August 2005, bearing failure on right side drive motor, R & R and pull oil samples on both bearings for customer. N/C, Warrantied with 1 day left on registration!!!

    September 2005, replaced both tracks with customer supplied OEM tracks, pulled oil samples from both drives. Charged to customer.

    December 2005, service call to repair leaking hose -cause- unknown. replaced tube line from loader valve. charged to customer.

    February 2006, service call to repair oil leak. -cause- broken aux. line, and alternator belt also broken due to hose rupture. Cannot replace hose, new hose made up, OEM tube line on order. Topped off oil and charged!!!! (6 hours of labour + overtime and service call=$1800)

    February 2006, replaced hose with OEM tube line and regular maintenance oil change. Charged to customer.

    March 2006, second loader arm cracked, left side, R & R, charged to customer (surprise, surprise, another $900)

    September 2006, pull oil sample from drive motors and test at Finning. Charged to customer.

    October 2006, service call to repair oil leak. -problem- loss of oil after aux. is engaged. Problem due to hose rubbing on chassis. R & R and charged to customer.

    Big time span now due to the other end of my work picking up, lots of smaller jobs.

    May 2007, re-adjust steering levers. R & R. Charged to customer.

    June 2007, readjust steering levers, not done correctly. N/C/

    July 2007 replace seals on Power BobTach cylinder. Charged to customer.

    August 2007 replace quick attach wedges and pins. Charged to customer.

    December 2007, hour meter read 1787 hrs. handed over to Finning.

    **These were only the big ones involving oil leaks or mechanical failures, there were regular service intervals every 250 hours for the engine and 500 hours for the hydraulic oil, but with all the hose failures I had and blown O-rings, that saved me some money down the road, but at least 45 gallons of Bobcat hydraulic oil was replaced between 2006 and 2004.
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    hahahahah and here i always thought you had no reason to bad mouth bobcat...that machine really shafted you...good thing you own one of the "big three" now.
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    not to be a jerk, but i think most of that stuff i would have fixed myself. to pay a service tech to come out and replace a hydro line or adjust steering levers is crazy.
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    Have you ever seen inside of a Bobcat chassis at all? The tools those grease monkeys used have been altered to reach around other objects. Cat is one of the skids that can be fixed in your driveway with regular "unaltered" tools.

    Behold, the Bobcat Jungle:

    The day I took these pics, there was a fine mist of oil spraying out of somewhere, only God only knows where! :cry:

    I left out smaller items like multiple adjustments to the switches that turn the reverse alarm on, those I eventually took a hammer to, what a PITA they are and I busted a bucket pin in the loader in August 2007.
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    I bet if you buy another bobcat. its going to be a lot better this time.
    You must have gotten a lemon from bobcat That time.:drinkup:
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    I'm not going back to Bobcat. Ever. What really pisses me off is that even the dealer told me the 2003 models were better than the 2001's, that was bullsh*t. I wouldn't have any problems like the 2001's had and they got all the bugs worked out. Bullsh*t. I was also promised that the new 2007 models have solid steel loader arms right from the cross members down to the main tilt tach pins. Bullsh*t.

    And for $62,000 CAN after taxes, this would be "one of the best machines you'll ever own and you never want anything else but a Bobcat".

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    Man, I shure hope bobcat gave you a good tube of lube after buying that pos! I can not believe they are still in business, as they have the same reputation arround here. I looked at a T-300 with 800 hours one time, and just about bought it until the owner told me that he just had the drive motors replaced. Motors at 800 hrs? That is crazy. Another friend has a T-300 and bought it through bobcat, and they took care of the loan. After a few months, he quit making payments, due to the fact that bobcat had it in the shop for over 2 months! He had to threaten to sue them to get them to quit calling him. Turns out his machine had electrical issues, and it took 2 guys from bobcat to come to his dealer and fix it. Total junk!
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    I have been there with an 863 C series way back when. I would be cursing and bitter myself if I had those same problems. I think you did have a lemon. My Gosh, those labor charges seem high. Thought you were working with Vermeer for a minute! On a service call for a warrantied part, you have to pay all the labor? Our Bobcat dealer, during warranty, will pay for the service call, the labor, and the parts that are under warranty are covered. I have had them come all the way out for a missing bolt. One reason I haven't left Bobcat yet. Incredible service from our local dealer (Quality Equipment Company). Unfortunately, they can't do anything about my s300's lack of power and leaky cab. That's the engineer's fault! :) Anyway, glad you got into a machine without so many headaches. Hopefully your old T190 will become an artificial reef or something. :)
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    The biggest cause of drive motor failure is the packing of mud and foreign objects like rope and wires getting wrapped around the motor, but the mud is the big blamer, Cat, Deere and Komatsu shouldn't have any big issues with that as their motors are not nearly as "cased in" as Bobcat, Case, New Holland and Takeuchi.

    $7000 (rounded up) is what it cost me in all the servicing and break downs, and an additional $3800 for the tracks that were replaced in Sept 2005 for a whopper of $10,800.
  10. bobcat_ron

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    That one warrantied part was replaced, but I paid the labour seeing as how it was my fault it was damaged, I got some water into it when hosing out the cab with a pressure washer, Bobcat says their aux. controls are supposed to be water tight, but I guess mine wasn't, so I went 50/50 with them, only 2 hours of labour, that's all.
    As for the lemon remarks, my old 753 was the exact same way, same type of oil leaks with 2 extra busted bucket pins and more expenses in rubber tires. That was why I "wanted" to stay with Bobcat when the dealer assured me this one would be problematic.

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