My take on my ferris is 2000 after one month

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ford88, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. ford88

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    After owning a bobcat 61inch for six years I upgraded to a 2007 Is2000 ferris 61inch,I did not know much about them as most around here run,scags...bobcats....exmarks..I got a great deal on it with the bagger system.This model has the 25hp kawa on it,This is what I have found,The cut is as good as my bobcat was good but not great The ride is great nothing like it.The speed is also good very fast and very smooth,It mows good in all conditions wet or dry,I love the rubber discharge shoot it folds over if you hit something.If I was to buy a new one I would get a bigger engine it bogs on hills with the bagger on,but I only use the bagger for clean-ups.One thing I don't like Is there is a lot of blow out on the front of the deck,It does not affect the cutting at all but the grass flys out the front.I used some super high lift blades but it made no differance.So on a scale of 1-10 I give it a 8 If anyone else is running one please give your input....ED
  2. punt66

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    I have a is1500 52/25. The machine is great. I can fit in and around almost anything. the rubber discharge chute is the best! The ride quality is fantastic. I have 420 hours on it now and the only trouble was a slowly seeping pump. I just noticed it because dirt was sticking to it. Ferris replaced under warranty but other than that its run flawlessly. I will be adding a 3000 with a 61 next spring.
  3. mattfromNY

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    After 3 yrs, 1000 hrs. with a IS2000 the issues I've had: Both hydros have died, the hour meter died, the hydro tank behind the seat leaks (replaced twice), and I lose a coil on the motor whenever the motor gets wet (rain or washing), I think the cut leaves much to be desired and the motor is not enough (27 Kohler) hills, tall grass and wet grass really make it grunt. My dealer has been great in getting things covered for warranty, picking up my machine and getting me up and running whenever I've broke down. The machine is built really heavy, we've put it through a lot of tall grass and not-so-manicured country lawns, and it has held up well. When I am ready to trade, I will be looking at a few others due to the cut (I've tried new blades, Ferris' new high lifts, mulching blades and some aftermarkets, still leaves much to be desired)
    I have three Ferris mowers, 36", 52" DD and the IS with a 61", overall the 61" cuts the best in most conditions, but I dont think any of them cut decent in all conditions.
    I sharpen blades daily, grease the machines every day and change fluids more often than recommended, so I dont think my mechanical problems are attributed to abuse or neglect.
  4. punt66

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    Well the hydros are the same as the other mowers so ferris isnt to blame for that. The engine: THATS WHY YOU BUY A KAWI! I agree about the cut however. I am having problems with the cut recently myself. I am still trying to figure it out. Trying different blades etc. I will talk to my dealer on monday to see if i am missing something. Its leaving alot of straglers and casters are laying the grass down so at times it doesnt get cut and i am left with stripes of longer grass. But the cut hasnt always been that way.
  5. lawnk123

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    Ive the got is1500 52/25 like JP. I've found the cut to be pretty average. It leaves small streaks on occassion and i have been pretty disappointed in that aspect. I grease it and sharpen blades daily also. Doesn't seem to matter much. Most the companies around here run Exmarks, and they cut on the exmarks seem to be superior. My dealer says make sure the decks clean and blades sharp. they are, still questionable cutting for the price tag.
  6. tacoma200

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    Thanks for the candid reviews. That's one of the best ways for the rest of us to learn about other equipment.
  7. mattfromNY

    mattfromNY LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I agree about the Kawi engine being superior. Kawis on both my 36 and 52, Kohler on the IS2000. Ferris is all I've owned/ run, so I dont have anything to compare to, but reading on here about others having a much nicer cut, I'm up for some test rides when I decide to trade.
  8. elmo1537

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    I have owned both grasshopper and ferris. Currently I own three grasshoppers and one ferris. I used to own three ferris mower one was a z and the other two were wb. I was never extremely happy with ferris from the start as far as cut quality. I then tried grasshopper and since then most of my guys wont even run my ferris because the grasshopper blows it away as far as cut quality is concerned.
  9. Frue

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    well here we go. i own the ferris 2000. cut quality is good, striping sub par, I have went through a pump,hour meter and only have 275 hours on it. The ride and speed are unbelievable. I also have the kohler 27 i had to have it turned up it is at 3790 right now and it is humming. You must check the air filiter and tap it daily because it is a verticle and sucks in a lot of dust. I do not like the blow out in front of the deck.

    things I dont like, I do not like the deck bearing down when you slow down and go in reverse, the cut out deck design in the front, and not a big fan of the deck depth. Would I by another I think so. This mower is fast and it loves hills it blows my slow lanky toro a way but toro smashes it with its cut quality.
  10. Big Red Ferris

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    i have a 1500z its the best riding mower ive ever had ive run 3 wheelers 4 yrs
    and i think the ztr's go lil fast so slow down and watch the cut ive been know to look back and see sum straglers, but the blades were dull and the deck was pretty cloged up make sure the decks clean and you will get a good cut i scrape every 10 days and sharpen 2 times a month i run all kawi to my cuz has 30 khol's there junk they dont make the power they say they put out we found that a 30hp puts bout 23 horse out when it gets too the deck and they dont pull hills worth a hoot...

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