my take on z900 series mowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jimslawncareservice, Jun 15, 2011.

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    last wednesday i got a z950 with a 60 mod deck. first thing i noticed is its short and a bumpy ride. its heavy, but smooth. it holds the hills great. close to a scag tt. now the cut to me seems to be inbetween and exmark and a scag. it doesnt seem to cut as fine as an exmark, but doesnt cut it once like a scag either. the mod could use some improvement though. pure thin to ave grass seems to work great in. pure thick grass leaves a little trail. weedy grass it leaves a trail no matter what. i also should add i have no expierence running a mulch kit in grass. but i like it better than a chute blocker because you dont have any blow out the front. it cuts great in wet, dry, tall, short,pure or weedy grass. i got cought in the rain yesterday. i let the down pour quit then finished. i was taking close to 4 inches of this part of the yard. the deck is clean as can be.

    things i would change. improve the mod. move the left caster over a few inches. make a suspension seat standard or suspension on the mower. figure out a way to make the mower lighter.

    i really liked the designs of the controls. i like the foot brake but i am still getting used to it. i like that i can lift the deck and not have it lock in place. i see some others are doing this as well. i also like that this mower is making me more efficiant so i dont need to rely on a helper at this time.

    i was going to get a stander, but i have alot of bigger props and didnt feel like standing for half the day.

    a couple years back i did demo a new lazer z or what ever exmark was calling them when they came out. it sucked fuel, rough, bad on hills, hated the controls, cut wasnt that good either. i dont know what the new ones are like now, but i dont think much has changed except the engine line up.

    a couple weeks back i demoes a 52v- ride. it hurt my back. cut was good. not bad hills (no wright!) controls seemed tight and jerky. not sure if this was jst this one machine, but i drove one at the delaer and had no problems, even on wet grass. only difference was the dealer mower was a 10 and the demo was a 11. then i demoed the cheetah. cut, ride, controls and everything was great about the mower. dealer doesnt take trade ins and sheffield doesnt like me for some reason, plus its a hassle selling mower.

    i had a 737 with a 54 deck several years back. i hated that mower so bad i took a loss selling it to buy an exmark with 1200 hours on it.
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    Had alot of blowout on the 930 I demoed now this was in very light grass. Heavier grass was okay. And I really think it cut as good or better than my TT at high speed. The deck was 1/8 lower in the front. Like you said the ride was bad, but so was my Scags until I changed seats. Friend has a new 997 and he said it is bad and changing seat on it. I thought the same thing on left front castor. I probably woundnt get the Mod deck.
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    According to pics on Deere's website, the left front caster shape changes with the width of the deck on the machine. The machines with the 72" deck has the castor arm sticking out to the left side more.

    You get used to the arm being straight out in a hurry, and I have been trimming around some flower beds with my Z720A that have very tight inside corners that this arm arrangement has let me get right up close and personal with. It does seem to make it harder to track the left side of the machine to the edge of the uncut grass than I'd like though. I used the gauge wheel on the deck, but it required looking down closer to the machine than it would if the castor arm were out like the right side, so I've learned to just sorta keep an eye on the edge of the uncut grass out over the caster arm at a certain distance, and it has been working well for me so far.
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    Don't know why $10,000+ top of the line John Deere ZTR's don't have the "full" suspension seat standard. One reason I never gave Deere a chance. Ride is very important and the add on suspension is not really as good and sits you up too high. Love the decks though.

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