My thought on double blades.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by imalandscper, Jan 20, 2003.

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    Alot of guys out here are running double blades and supporting them, but, does your machine? I have been reading the past posts and doing alot of talking with dealers about buying new mowers and such and they have all supported what i think to be true. A mower is sold with single blades on each spindle and built to support that single blade.(Bearings, nuts, bolts, shaft, and belt strength) So has anyone thought about the stress you are putting on that machine? Granted it might not be much or even noticable by the operator, but, even the slightest wear and tear is a very bad thing over an extended period of time. Take a 1 ton pickup and put in 6,000 in stone all the time. It will not last very long. I went further into this and found that , if i remember correctly, Gravely is the only company that is designing and coming out with a double blade machine that is built for supporting double blades.........Just a little bit to pnder on i guess. For me a good sharp set of blades is the best!
  2. Guess you have to try yourself and see if your gains are worth any additional maintenance costs.
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    no my machine didn't support to speak.

    we are mostly unincorporated here and most houses have a septic tank and drain field.

    my 14 kaw doesn't like double high lifts over tall lush grass like grows over the drain fields.

    I never tried standard lifts or gators as doubles.

    my experience says single high lifts are the best all round ticket for me!

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    I have been asking alot of questions about double blades, with all the feed back, and an old thread, some people have used this system for years with no problems ??? Maybe if set up is right it could be O.K. ! I understand what your saying that a machine is built for single blades, like I said, I'm still learning. I might just give it a try and see what happens!! If I feel when you engage the clutch and it makes a real Big impact and don't feel comfortable with it I'll make it stock.. I can't afford to break anything. Sometimes you need to take a chance on things ??


  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Say what you like. I say extra wear is jibberish if you use common sense. A Murray or any other piece of homeowner junk will do just fine with no extra noticeable wear and tear. Even over long peroids of time!!!

    Again, use common sense. Run doubles in perfect + pattern. Try to make sure they are balanced OK. Maintain a clean, sharp edge and replace them when needed. Take time to stop and check out any slight new vibration. Service your spindles properly. Engage the blades at low RPM.

    If you do all these things and say a spindle breaks, it was going to do it anyway, promise! The main consern you need to acess is rather you have the "extra" HP required to handle the extra load in those rougher areas. Loading the engine past it's limits will shorten it's life.

    Otherwise there is nothing to worry about. Rest easy :sleeping:
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    Envy lawn care sent a message to you wanna know opinions about double blades and low rpm engagement i use toro equipment:blob3:
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    These are the questions best answered by EricElm. Since my old friend isn't with us anymore, you can still find out all about him and double blades by doing a search.

    Several mfg's did at one time offer double blades in the past. Not all mowers do well with them. New deck designs allow for great results with singles, for some mowers. The mfg's I have spoke with see nothing wrong with them.
  8. Richard Martin

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    These questions are asked from time to time. While it may be true that Gravely is the only manufacturer to actually put double blades on the mower (for a premium price, I'm sure) they are not the only one to allow them under warranty.

    Dixie Chopper has made a double blade bracket for years.

    Exmark stated in their own forum last week that double blades do not void their warranty

    Hustler gives advice on using double blades on their mowers in their forum so it would be safe to assume that they allow the use of doubles.

    With the (what some people would call) best three manufactures allowing the use of double blades I get the impression that they do not put any undue stress on mower components.
  9. DLCS

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    I can't see how doubles would do any damage to the spindles. If the blades are balanced and kept in a + pattern, there shouldn't be any difference. The only thing added is more weight. The more weight might cause premature wear on clutches, just engage at manufacurers recomendation. Wouldn't the load be like running a spindle driven bagger.
  10. John Gamba

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    Give Me Double blades in thick wet bluegrass Or Give Me DEATH.
    Just get Your self a Exmark ULTRACUT Deck.

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