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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassmasterswilson, May 3, 2012.

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    Dont mean to BASH on you, but 2 gas stops is A NO-NO! :nono:
    Here, we do one stop. Thats in the morning. We get all of the gas,snacks and drinks that we will need for the day.
    We carry an extra(in addition to whats in the truck and mowers) 25 gallons DAILY! And about 10 gallons of 2 cycle on each crew.
    We eat lunch under the trees. All those drink stops add up! Freeze a icepack and throw some waters in a lunch bag, then put everything under the seat.
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    So if you let your profit margin cover this time spent working I am sure your customers are happy to receive the discount your offering at your own profit or lack there of. If you think your work day is from the Time you enter your work vehicle untill the time you exit same vehicle, your really kidding yourself.
    Although I am sure your customers don't care about your profit margin,
    I personally would not work for nothing, since time is money.
    easy-lift guy
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    There was a recent post on here where a guy stated that growth reveals the true cost of overhead. I have been on this site for about 8 years and it was probably the second best post I have read on this site.
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    Where is this post? I'd like to read it.
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