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    This is my first post on here so hopefully I have done it right.

    I just started mowing last season although I mowed when I was younger and have always wanted to get back into it. I am a full-time firefighter/paramedic with the Indianapolis FD and mow on my off days.

    When I entered the business last summer I wanted to get in as cheap as possible and bought a used Toro 48" w/b and an echo backpack leafblower, I used my Husqvarna trimmer that I bought a few years ago and ended up buying a 6.5x14 Big Tex trailer (single axle) which I felt was the nicest trailer for my price range (that range being as cheap as possible). This trailer served me well until I purcased my ZTR (Exmark 60" with 27HP LC). It really squatted the trailer down an became more difficult to stop (no trailer brakes). I was also getting sick of loading/unloading my equipment. I wanted an enclosed trailer. At the same time my wife expressed interest in getting a horse and my father-in-law mentioned something about getting cows (they have farm land). I figured that I could kill two birds with one stone by getting a livestock trailer and modifying it to work for my business. In looking around locally, all of the decent enclosed trailers were running $4500 or more. I ended up getting my '06 Corn Pro (6x16 by 7' tall) stock trailer for $3900 taxes and all. It is a dual axle with trailer brakes (2 x 3500lb). I purchased a set of "Ramparts" ramp tips that attach to 2x12's. I haven't tried to load my mowers with these yet (bought the trailer after season ended) but I'm anticipating it being somewhat difficult. It is my hope at some point to attach a fold-down ramp to the trailer. The rear doors are a combo door (see which is not ideal but I am willing to suffer a little to keep myself from having to buy 2 trailers. I also purchased black plexiglass to cover the open areas on the sides/rear door (it came with the "plexiglass channel" option - has slots that it slides into), which I can remove when using the trailer for livestock. I added some D-rings to the floor of the trailer to help secure my equipment. The trailer is 95% enclosed (some voids around the back door at top and bottom) and I will have to do some modifications to allow me to lock the rear door (the side door can be locked from the inside). Again, I haven't actuall used it yet for lawncare but I figured it was a unique enough idea that it was worth posting. I dont know how many people are in the same situation (mow lawns and have livestock).
    I bought my trailer through a website which still shows it ( if anyone is interested, this guy had the best prices I could find on corn pros.
    I have attached pictures of my old trailer and the new one (without the plexiglass installed), the link above also shows more pictures of my trailer from when it was for sale on the website.

    My father-in-law has an 18' flat Corn Pro trailer for hauling his tractor/farm stuff and he has been pleased with it and the really seem well built for the price. That is why I went with one.

    What do you think???


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    Good looking trailer. How are you going to mount your 2Cycle equipment, or are you.

    I would be concerned about the racks injuring the horses if they are attached to the walls. I suppose you could improvise a way that woudl allow your racks to be removable as well.

    I gotta say though, in my experience, trailers are made for specific purposes, and once set up for that purpose, it is difficult to make them universal. I think you might get tired of unloading all the lawn gear to haul horses.
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    I wasn't planning on mounting my trimmer/blower in the trailer. I have a hard tonneau on my truck and I put my loose equipment in there last season. I had considered building some sort of a removable storage rack to put in the front area of the trailer.
    We haven't actually purchased any livestock yet but I don't anticipate moving them around too much once we do. I was used to loading and unloading every day I mowed last year so if I have to unload it occasionally for animals it shouldn't be too tough.
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    using ramps will get old real fast

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