My trailer got hit on sat

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by meathead1134, Jun 5, 2005.

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    I was cutting a yard for a customer like I do every saturday. I was in the back of the yard and I see 2 people staring at my trailer. So I walk over and look, and one of them back their car into the side of my trailer. Their saturn sedan has a nice scrape on the side of it. I didn't say a word to them at all. They start complaining to me saying I didn't see your trailer, and you shouldn't have parked there. I looked at them with out saying a word, I look at my trailer and then look at their car I snicker and them go back to work. Then they procede to go into the bank and complain to the bank manager because of the way I was parked. I have to say that the parking lot is a piss poor design. My customer actually owner 3/4 of the parking lot and gives the bank a right of way, yes its strange. Anyway the bank manager says he's parked on his (the customers) property. The couple still complaining takes down my trailer plate and then takes off. I'm about 100 feet away tops, well that pissed me off. So I called the police, I didn't move my truck. They arrive and and I explain to the officer the whole thing what happened. He looked at me with a smile on his face shaking his head. The officer and I were joking about it. Another officer rolls up (yes this is a small town and nothing else was going on) as the first one goes inside to talk to the bank manager about what happened. I talk to the second officer and notices that I have loam in the bed of my truck and asks were did I get it from. He tells me that he needs 1 yard for his yard. I say oh ok here is my business card and he thanked me. The first officer returns from the bank and asks me if I want to do anything about it. I say I have no damage but she did, he laughs ad tells me to have a nice day and I tell him the same thing.

    grass mowing $60.00
    damage to saturn $350.00 tops
    giving the responding officer your business card, priceless :D

    Now if he actually calls me I would die laughing.

    I have a 1971 tilt deck trailer that was given to me for free. I put about $350.00 into it and its better than brand new, the police officer actually said it looks good. Due to the fact that the trailer is 100% american steel I didn't even get a scratch on it, but the saturn had some battle wounds. I though that you guys would like a good laugh.
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    thats funny...

    reminds me of when someone rear ended me and recked their hood, bumper, and radiator... all because it was snowing out, icy, and he was doing 45 in a 35. and what damage was done to mine? None, the trailer ball saved my bumper
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    ...As she backs over the man with the cane, or the person in the wheelchair. "Gee, you shouldn't have been there like that."
  4. MowerMoney

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    I have a 6' x 12' enclosed trailer. Aluminum walls and aluminum side door. Last year a young woman backed out of her driveway and crunched in the door to the trailer. Don't need to tell you what happens when the corner of a steel bumber on a van hits an aluminum panel. Caved it right in. I was very lucky that the girl stuck around to admit to this as I was mowing in a back yard at the time and didn't see it happen. It was a company van and they tried to pay me $500 from their petty cash and told me it must be a pretty cheap trailer for the door to crunch in like it did. You can't straighten stretched aluminum. But the door cost $658 CDN to be shipped up from Pace American (I think in Wisconsin ???) and replaced at the dealers. Their insurance took a while but finally paid up.
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    not a trailer thing, but reminds me of last year when I got t-boned in my car. Woman claimed to the responding officer that I was driving in the shadow of some trees and she couldn't see me and it was my fault. ROFL

    Fact is I was looking right at her as she hit me and she wasn't looking ahead at all, but down in her car. Later to find out she was reading paperwork on her passenger seat. She was on her way to a job interview. Tried her hardest to blame it on me to no avail. lol

    First thing I said when I got out of the car was "are you ok!"........first thing she said back was "I hope you're insured" (or something to that effect.) She was mean.

    Her insurance paid surprisingly fast for my repairs. :)
  6. Tn Lawn Man

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    This reminds of a time in which I was in moderately heavy traffic and this younger lady came over into my lane very fast and cut me off.

    I am NOT the type to honk my horn out of anger. But, I did honk to make sure she did see me and not hit me, the bumpers were very close and if I didn't honk they probably would have hit. Even then I only beeped so as not to get a road rage thing going. I don't have time for that garbage. I have lawns to mow.

    I guess she really didn't see me because she nailed the gas and sped up to prevent a collision....instead of staying in her orginal lane like she should have.

    Ok, no biggie but then it happened. It wasn't good enough that she cut me off. Now she had to give me the "I am number one" sign with her middle finger while looking over her shoulder making a nasty face.

    BOOOOOM!!!!! She rear ended the car in front of her.

    Every once and a while being nasty will come back to bite ya in the buttocks.
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    few years ago I was cruisin in the right turn lane and some moron in the straight lane just pulled out in front of me. I took the side of his car off with my truck. He had some little honda. He told the cops that I was going to fast and he didnt see me lol. Well if you didnt see me how do you know I was going to fast? Then he tried to get in the car and leave with the cops there saying he had to catch a flight. Some people. He has like no door, 2 flat tires and a crunched fender and he thinks he is going to drive this thing to the airport lol.
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    I was working for my last boss we were doing fall clean ups and Like always I had to drive one of his rack bodies with a trailer his mirrors were so bad I could not see much of anything. So I come up on a light with a 90 degree turn nasty place to turn and make it and start hearing all sorts of beeping behind me so I get about 2000 feet up the road where it becomes wider and safer to park. And this guy comes out and says you just hit my car I go what are you talking about he goes you just hit me see and sure enough he has a crushed fender with blue paint I never felt a thing. But no way should he have been hit something seems wrong with this guy and he goes and I already called the cops. Great so I will be late for my next job well cop shows up goes over to him and listens to his story for like 10 mins. Then he comes up to me and goes license and registration please I give it to him then he turns with out another word and goes " OK I have completed my investigation". I am thinking boy I just got screwed didn’t ask me a thing he then says you sir (the jack ass that claimed I hit him) were illegally trying to pass him on the right on a single lane road you are at fault not him I need to see you license. The dumb ass that called the cops forgot his license LOL things just got worse for him from there. Apparently he was trying to sneak around me when he got caught as I took my turn that must of scared the hell out of him in his economy jap car to see the trailer on his side coming right at him.
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    wasnt pullin the trailer but i was riding down the interstate one time and a lady was taling on her phone and started coming over into me, got close enough i knocked on her window right b4 she hit me and she got back in her lane
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    lol now thats funny, I would have loved to seen he reaction to that

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