My Trailer stolen this morning!!!

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by theyatesies, May 21, 2009.

  1. tjwalkingon

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    I've got a key lock that goes on the hitch that can't be cut off and they can't hitch to the ball. Guess they could use the chains...geez. Any thing is possible in the world of thieves!
  2. AI Inc

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    dogs and guns.
  3. phlox813

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    they also sell gps tracking device by dewalt its not that expensive you have it monitered by your local alarm company and when u set it any movement it sends in a signal
  4. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Haha. That'd be a sight to see...

    How about just getting one of those tire boots?
  5. ALC-GregH

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    I really like this idea. If you can install one in a area on the trailer that others wouldn't take notice of, you could drive right to where the trailer is with the cops and get it back.
  6. All Seasons Landscaping

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    At least it would (hopefully) attract the attention of the cops if someone was towing a trailer by the chains and there was a lock on the coupler.
  7. NeroGPS

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    its a really cool product.... there is a motion sensor built into it and if it starts to move you get a text message to your cell phone. It also has a powerful magnet built in so you can hide it up under the wheel well.
  8. MarcSmith

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    I hope you are not an english/grammar teacher...:)

    A lock and chain will keep honest people honest and prevent the quick snatch/grab.

    The $300 abus chain/lock is a joke......Yeah the lock is great and it cant be picked and the key is hard to replicate. But I don't care about the lock...

    I have a dewalt 18v angle grinder. With a 4.5" abrasive cut-off disc I can cut a kryptonite-style bike u-lock or the hexagonal/square hardened chains in about 30 seconds. Cables...HAH the disc is a like a hot knife through butter, 5-10 seconds...

    I do it every year on campus. We clean up the old abandoned bikes so the incoming students have space for their bikes.

    As others have said. get insurance, keep it in the garage, Dogs and guns won't do much especially in this case. dog would have been in the house and no one was home to pull the trigger on the gun kept in the gun safe by your bed...
  9. whoopassonthebluegrass

    whoopassonthebluegrass LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Here you go: buy a compressor and then deflate the tires each night. :laugh:
  10. P&C Lawn Care

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    I had mine stolen on Wednesday with hitch locks on it. Nothing was cut because there were no metal shavings anywhere. They just put a chain around the hitch and went on. This is my second trailer stolen in 11 years, No equipment was on it but was set up nicely with a new tongue toolbox and greentouch trimmer racks. Trailer thefts are on the increase in Oklahoma and I believe because we don't require ALL trailers to be tagged here. I know two other lawn guys that have had theirs taken within the past two weeks. Out of sight in the garage or storage is a good start to not having one stolen. Hitch locks don't work because they just put a chain around it and cut the lock off later. Wheel boot locks slow them down but can be defeated by taking the wheel off, they might even have their own new tire to replace it with (your spare). Chains can be cut easily and quickly. The people that do this know what they are doing. They scope the area out and know what tools they need ahead of time. But they want to be fast and get out of the area with your stuff. You might not be able to stop them but we can surely slow them down and maybe deter them from taking it.

    Be careful handing out business cards with your actual physical address. Thieves may ask for one (posing as a potential customer)and then know exactly where to go to steal your stuff, since they see your equipment and how may guys you may have on a crew. Single operators are great targets because you can't always work and watch your stuff too.

    Lock everything up regardless when your on site. Make it harder for them to snatch stuff.

    There are cables that have alarms when cut. Motion activated alarms. Truck alarms. All that can be used to deter thieves. Never trust any neighborhood as being a good neighborhood. I live in a good neighborhood but we get all sorts of Meth heads and derilects that come into the neighborhood on big junk days scavanging through the curb stuff.

    LAWN GUYS it is time we unite to stop this thievery.

    Use camera systems, GPS trackers, log equipment serial numbers, mark equipment with company name. Get theft insurance. We have to try and make sure these SOB's are gettting caught and start make them go to jail. Lawn equipment is one of the easiest things to get rid of. No one ever has to have a title of bill of sale to get rid of stuff.

    If you buy questionable stuff that might be stolen you are part of this problem. Never buy stuff or trailers that you might believe is stolen. Contact the police and lets start getting our stuff back. Spend some money on alarm and camera systems. We have to start taking some of our profits and putting a percentage to theft measures.

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