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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by badtoy76, Jan 29, 2001.

  1. badtoy76

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    Hi. I have a 1976 GMC Sierra Grande shortbox 4x4. I purchased the truck from a friend about 2 yrs ago for $700 with no motor. I had been trying to buy it from him for several years while he was driving it. Finally he hurt the motor and decided to sell it to me. It already had a 4-inch suspension lift, 3-inch body lift, 35-inch tires and a built TH350 trans. I found a complete, running smallblock 400 for $100. Since then, I have added 6-inch springs and rebuilt the front axle. All totaled, I currently have approx. $2000 in total investment. This same friend now has a 1978 Chevy Silverado shortbox 4x4 that he wrecked. It has factory high back bucket seats and the interior is in great shape. I am buying this truck for parts for $500. Also, he is selling me a set of 3/4 ton axles with 4.11 gears for $360(the price of a set of ladder bars for his Blazer). Now...I plan on lifting my truck 12 inches and run 44-inch Boggers.

    I just thought that I would share this since I have been told that I am incredibly lucky to have found deals like this and to show how I have built my lowbuck 4x4.

  2. Jeff's Classics

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    Sounds like you need to take your buddy to lunch! And, make sure you help him pick his next truck, you'll probably end up with it, too (just kidding).
    Seriously, though, sounds like a nice low-buck project. I was trying to by my neighbor's '74 one-owner 2WD pickup, he blew the engine at about 64K miles. He finally put a crate motor in it and then hit something with the front end.
    I ended up buying my '76 big-block Suburban. Paid more for it, but it's in great shape and is now my daily driver.
  3. DirpRacing

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    doesnt sound like a bad deal, just to warn ya, i think we all have been in the "look at this deal" and the damn thing never stops nickel and diming you. i know i am there right now with my truck. just working all the bugs out it and now the tranny decided to crap out. i wish ya the best of luck, and hopefully you can beat the odds. a pic when shes done, theres nothing better than a chevy on 44's!
  4. 85w/350

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    good deal with the 4.11's but will that really give you enough on those 44's? All of the other parts are a steal!
  5. badtoy76

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    DirpRacing...I have been driving and wheeling my truck for the last 18 months. So far, the only thing I have had to do was the front axle mentioned earlier. As for pics, I am trying to create my own website, 4x4fun. I shall be including pics of the buildup as it progresses.
    85w/350...In regards to the 4.11 gears being enough for 44's, I plan on eventually swapping them out for 4.56's or maybe lower. I kind of want to see what the 4.11's will do with the 35's i am currently running.

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