My Trucks, Trailers, Loader and Dump

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Petr51488, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Thanks! Yea, i just bought a set of small snowmobile dollies for it. I bought them from northern tool, and their junk. Maybe the plow is too heavy for it. Their suppose to have a 1500lb capacity, and i doubt my plow weighs more then that lol. I paid 40 bucks for them but oh well. I use them to keep the plow off the ground. I dont really move it much. I'll prob bring them to my dads shop and beef them up a bit.

    I bought another shed and will be putting it next to the old one. That will give me more space to keep my stuff in. Now, its all scattered in the driveway and just looks like a mess. I hate keeping my equipment out in the elements when its not needed. I'll have pics of that up soon.

    I paid 6200 for it with tax. I ordered the rear door that swings out and up, the d-rings and the ramps under the trailer. It only cost a few hundred more, so i went for it. Best investment by far. Saves me money at the dump (roughly 3k this year alone and only bought it mid summer), for firewood, which gets me to haul around 4x more wood then my truck and just anything else that i need it for. I also had 14k axles added.
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    How'd it save you $3k in dumping fees?? What do you spend annually on dumping?
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    I would say i would spend between 5 and 6k at the dump every year. Its saved me money because i used to fill up my pickup bed, which would fill up atleast once a week. Once a week going to the dump.... raking out all the stuff, which stunk like a$$, and just going every week, sometimes more. Now i can go a month without dumping (just on clippings) which saves me time, which is very important. That and i bring all my clippings to our summer house (when i have the weekends off) and have a big compost pile there. I don't pay to dump at our summer house, which saves me at least 300.00 per trailer load. With that being said... our house is about 1.3 hours from here. I do burn 2 extra gallons of diesel to get there, which is nothing compared to what i would spend at the dump here. THey made this new law this year where i cant leave the leaves in the street anymore. I bought a loader, and charged my accounts per yard to get rid of them. Leaves are a little cheaper and cost me 200.00 per load. I must have dumped 15-20 times this fall. Now that i think about it, the trailer paid for itself in less then 6 months! Its also saved me time with loading and unloading firewood. Now i can just pull up to a customers house, dump, and go. Before i would have to unload everything by hand. Theres so many positives to this dump trailer.. its endless.
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    Don't forget you can use the dump for yet another money saving activity.. trailering w/o paying for delivery or a separate equipment trailer


    FILE209 (Medium).JPG
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    Is the b21 tight in that trailer? What size trailer do you have 12 or 14?

    You must be close to the 10,000 lbs limit right?

    I heard its tough to get a machine on the trailer and walk around without banging your shins up. What's your experience with that?
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    Heres a bunch of pictures from this past snow storm. We got maybe 10 inches, plus 3 feet of rain on top of it. Sloppy mess.





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    And one more

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    Awesome setup man, everything looks really nice.
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    You even have a long hitch on that long truck! Looks sweeeeet man.

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