My turn to have "One of Those Days"


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I get to my first stop and start to unload my mower. It feels funny, kind of dragging as I roll it down the gate. Crap. Flat tire with a drywall screw sticking out of it. I always carry some tire plugs and a can of tire inflator so in 5 minutes I was underway again. No big deal right?

As I'm driving to my second stop, BLUB, BLUB, BLUB, muffler blows out. A big crack down the seam and I don't have time to take it to a muffler shop till Saturday. Just hope it doesn't get any louder till then.

On my fifth lawn and the front castor falls off my mower and I run over it. Put a ding in one blade and took a large chunck out of the wheel. I'm thinking now I gotta take this to the dealer for repairs and go get my backup mower (which is a 21"). I was able to get the wheel back on and held in place with a nail as the pin had broken and let the wheel fall off. There's enough of the wheel left to go awhile yet so I figure I'm not too bad off.

When I get home and go to change the blades, I find that when I ran over the castor, it must have knocked the blades hard enough to twist the end of the spindle where the blade bolt threads in. I could hardly get the blade bolts out. Changed the blades and managed to get the bolts back in again and the blades tightened on. Tomorrow will tell if it will last.

Man, and here I was thinking that those days just happen to the other guys.


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MowerMoney said:
On my fifth lawn and the front castor falls off my mower and I run over it.
That's just wrong - Thats the kinda stuff that pushes people over the edge. . . :realmad:


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Had a woman drive her van into the right-side wheel of our big trailer today. Tore the nose clip loose, and cost us about an hour in consolation and tying the nose up so she could drive it home.
It was her 1st car accident. I feel honored!