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    Everyone always asks which trimmer is the best. Since I have used many different brands I will give you all my VERY unscientific results of what I have liked and didn't like about each.

    Least Favorite to Most Favorite

    5. Echo -
    pro's - starts very easily, smooth throttle, quiet, durable, light
    cons - not enough power, difficult to refill spool

    4. Husqvarna -
    pro's - starts easily, smooth throttle, quiet, light
    cons - "ok" power but still lacking, hot spots which burn your arm, not long term durable

    3. Stihl -
    pro's - mediocre to good power, durable
    cons - slow to start, mediocre power, somewhat noisy

    2. Redmax -
    pro'a - tons of power, easy to refill spool, quick change spool, large gas tank, comfortable grip
    cons - VERY cold natured, heavy

    1. Kawasaki -
    pro's - starts easily, good power, easy to refill spool, quick change spool, light
    cons - grip could be more comfortable, gas tank too small

    Keep in mind that this is my observations over the past few years and the observations of my employees.

    They like and perform best "overall" with the Kawasaki's. However, we always need to keep a Redmax around for the really tough jobs.

    This thread is not meant to start a huge "Chevy" vs. "Ford" debate. It is just my thoughts.
  2. ThirdDay

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    No offense but this thread is absolutely worthless.

    You don't mention the model numbers that you used from each manaufacturer. This makes a huge difference as you might not be comparing apples to apples.

    We now use all Echo products (except chain saws which are Stihl) due to the fact that we found them to be the best combination of power, weight (light), easy to start and long lasting. Echo has great dealer and parts support as well. We have used many of the different brands that you list (except for Husky trimmers...they're a joke).

    And now it begins....the Ford, Chevy, Dodge debate.........mine is better than yours!!!
  3. HenryB

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    Model #'s will make this a great thread.:clapping:
  4. lawnboy dan

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    to me the echo is by far the easyest to reload the spool. i find husky to have ample power and so far mine have held up well (2 yrs). i notice shindawia is missing from your list!
  5. ed2hess

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    Interesting that you bought some of each brand, guess that is a good way to keep from getting burnt by a bad model/brand. I prefer to buy all one brand so that I can move parts around to debug and easier to learn one brand to repair instead of several. How many hours is this information based on?
  6. MSS Mow

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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    I will give him credit, as he did warn us it was "Unscientific" information. We all have our opinions. We each have a bias for or against a particular brand/model and will forever be the case. I have to laugh when people jump all over someone else for their opinions.
  7. Damian

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    You're telling me there are 4 other brands that are easier to refill the spool? How is that possible?
  8. metro36

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    If you hate changing line just do what I do.

    1. Buy an Echo
    2. Get a rapid loader head
    3. Get the special line
    4. Put together the pieces
    5. when you run out of line just pull out the old piece from the inside and put a new piece in
    To make it even easier keep 2 sets of line in your pocket at all times and put them in when you need to. I think echo makes the best trimmer. I only use echo.

    REALSLOW LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am looking for replacements for my Shindiawa T 270's and T 350's, I can no longer get them new so I have been buying all the parts I can find to peice them together. I also Have 2 ECHO T 260's and they are light but a joke in power and quality compared to the Shindiawa's I run.

    I have been looking at the Sthil FS 250 to replace my Shindiawa's.
  10. lawnmaniac883

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    My stihls always kick on the first pull, usually run on first pull. All 4-mixes aside from hedge trimmer and chainsaw. Always start on first pull after that.

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