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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by K-Lawn, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Trying to get some pointers on my website. I design it my self using wix and tried to incorporate instant estimates as well. I'm not into mow and go side of business by any means.

    Currently I have done some seo and are working on site map and adding helpful content and links. Need to work in back links

    Well here it is...
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    It's a little rough on mobile... Most if the text can't be read on that background. I will check it out on the PC tomorrow.
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    Don't have time tonight to look over the SEO too much, but I'll give some advice based on a quick review:

    1. Your social signals at the bottom of the page link to Wix SM accounts.

    2. I actually like the design just fine, but the entire site (especially the home page) is lacking content. Google bases rankings for on site optimization based on the actual words written on your page. The majority of the content is telling about your specials...

    3. Your about page should tell the visitor more about you. A picture would help build trust/credibility.

    4. You mention that you don't want to be perceived as a mow-n-go operation, but when all you discuss is price your visitors will be choosing on that criteria as you've made it fresh in there minds.

    5. There are quite a few grammar errors. If grammar isn't your strong point, find a kid majoring in English or Writing at a local college and offer them a few bucks to proofread the copy.

    6. "Houston" is probably a poor keyword to target for a location identifier. People would be more likely to search "lawn care Spring, TX" instead of "lawn care Houston" as the service area is just too large.

    7. What is the purpose of your site? A brochure to direct potential clients to or are you trying to drive traffic via the search engines and paid advertising?

    8. If you are interested in learning more about SE0, google "Moz Beginner's Guide to SEO." Read it once, then read it again and take some notes.
  4. tonygreek

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    Agree with the above posters. I especially agree with #5 and #6, as well as mobile is a disaster.

    - Visually, the site elements look good, but the wood background really fights with everything on top of it. Not a deal-breaker for me, but it does overpower the green menu color and the tagline underneath the logo.

    -The second-level menu (More) is impossible to read. Light grey text on white isn't visible to me, let alone a 65 yr old person looking for a lawn service.

    - Punctuation really needs attention. A space goes after commas and periods. Periods can even take a double space, if so inclined.

    - I love the colors for your coupons and, especially, the "How can we help form". You draw attention to the form and you should see an increased contact form conversion. If you can, I'd work a form in to every page. It simply works.

    - You need location/contact info on every page. Right of the logo, above the menu is the perfect place for a large phone number and your address or city/zip (if you don't want a specific address on there). You'll want to repeat the info in your footer.

    - Is "weed eat" the local term you use? For some regions, it is, for others, not so much. Is "Mow" search-engine friendly enough? Do people search "lawn mow service" or "lawn mowing service"? I see "mowing" on your home page, but not on the Services page.

    - Other Services list: You're inconsistent on the capitalization. You have "Hedge trimming, Gutter Cleaning, Roof cleaning, Leaf clean ups, Spring Clean ups", etc. That's just a lack of attention to detail and easily fixed. Consistency connotes professionalism and the attention to detail people are hiring you for.

    - The writing of the first sentence is a bit excessive. The rest of the paragraph is bordering on unintelligible:
    Will be out as fast as humanly possible to give you an estimate. Once you agree will send you and invoice for the order to be pre-paid for the anticipated mowings for the month. We can give you a quick quote over the phone, text or email based on the size of your lot, minus construction.

    - The Micro-Life link. Use a text link to them and add their logo (if allowable). For this use, a button is awkward.

    - Landscaping Service: You really need a proofreader. These are just random things that I pulled that need significant help. Onsite, comeback, espectacular, We also offer the following services within landscape beautification, Mulching from $50, So when you are ready to make your project a reality, consider us for proven results.

    - Online Quotation: The black text on dark green button isn't readable.
    If you want people to calculate their lawn size and cost, add a calculator that does it for them. Math is not "our" strong suit. Neither is getting people to do something that you should be doing for them.
    This sentence is a disaster: "This is our basis for not having eyes on the ground, for an online instant quote."
    Same with this one: "Grass too long? Send us a picture and will added to the estimate."

    - I can't get any of the forms to show that I've clicked on a field, nor can I add any text to them. Each browser shows me something different. Internet Explorer allows me to type, however I don't see the text, nor do I see the placeholders. In Chrome, I see the placeholders, but can't type. In Firefox, I see the placeholders, but can't click on the fields. Oh, Wix...

    - I assume the Gallery rollover, that just shows green, will have written detail about what I just looked at?

    - FAQ: "What do I, during spring?". No comma, Spring is capitalized. Again, that entire page needs attention. "valentines" is not "Valentine's Day".

    - Contact: If you have the contact form on all pages, and not just some of them, you can safely leave out a Contact page that is just a page with the form. Now, if you add other ways of contacting you, it would have value to your visitors.

    - Re: SEO, as pointed out by Bristeroni, "Houston Lawn Service", etc, are not page TITLEs that will win you any organic search attention.

    - Hit and start claiming off-site listings.

    All in all, it looks like a great start. Many of the problems are easily solved by simply bringing in someone to go over the entire site and fixing the grammar and phrasing problems.
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    Thanks, for all your helpful replies, I will get on it! Very helpful tips

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