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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ToddH, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. ToddH

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    Want to sub? :waving:
  2. grandview (2006)

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    As long as you provide margaritas.:)
  3. ToddH

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    Come down during the summer. There will only be slightly less plowing to be done.
  4. Reflection

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    Taking a break from working on my site... some thoughts:

    Way too much whitespace, what it is your company does isn't exactly clear until you get near the bottom of the page. Even on a 24" monitor I have to scroll to get to your content.

    You essentially have two headers. 1) the banner at the top and 2) the text section above the photos. The "We are all the stewards of our earth" doesn't mean anything to me, yet it's essentially the first bit of content on the page (It also might be a little off putting depending on your market- the "anti hippy" types ;)). Slogans are fine, but they shouldn't be the focus. You should be able to convey all this information in one section the size of your banner.

    "assisted facility maintenance management services" is a mouthful. The sentence in the bottom section of the page is way clearer. I'd go with something like "Local Grand Prairie Texas company with over 30 years of experience in facilities maintenance and management"

    The first impression I get is that you're a company that focuses on commercial work. If I'm a residential customer, I'd probably land, leave and move on to my next search result.

    The photo section is nice, but a general usability rule of thumb is that you shouldn't have to explain to the user what to do. I'd make the entire photo clickable as a link and use the title field describe where the link takes the user (also the organic vegetable pic isn't the proper size/resolution for the space allocated)

    No email address listed. You have a phone number, but no email address. If I'm looking for something on the web I'm probably going to be more inclined to email them than I would be to phone.

    On your residential page, you have an extra <em> tag that isn't closed so the entire bottom half of the page is in italics.

    Finally I'm not sure about the 3 services blocks at the bottom repeating on every page. Personally I think it's better to have each page focus on what it's about with clear navigation to the other topics. Repeating the same text dilutes the content and isn't exactly seo friendly.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  5. ToddH

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    Very helpful. I am soaking all this in. Some of those photos will not stay. The one you mentioned was snagged from the city webpage for a park I just took over. In the spring, I will take some of my own shots.

    Some of the pages were just a quick cut and paste from a static site. The reason the structure and some of the wording is the way it is, because I wanted to make the 301 directs as clear and simple as possible for the Engines.

    Once I am told it is indexed, I will begin restructure and content. It is not good to re-direct old pages into a sea of new content. You want the page names and website structure such to be as close as possible. I can fix that tag however.

    Most home page landings will be from links such as Google maps, Bing and Google local, facebook. It is the interior pages that will land most of the engine related traffic.

    Approximately 80% of my business is commercial work.

    I do not know how close you looked at the SEO but I have some of the latest and greatest in there. I have been spending most of my time under the hood laying down the foundation. Once I have the form and function down then the work comes to laying out some other info and bringing in another website.

    I do thank you for the comments. They do mean a lot and I fully understand your points and they are good ones.
  6. Roger

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    I did not do an analysis of your site, but made a quick scan. Under "About" the first (second?) sentence says something about "fancy movers." I think you may mean "fancy mowers." "V" for a "W"
  7. ToddH

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    What am I paying my proof reader to do ? :laugh:
    Rodge: Thanks again!

    Yes, I have been working with a copyright to assist me on the content.
    She knows nothing about the business.

    As mentioned, my primary focus to a fault has been on the mechanics of the site and getting some advanced mods going.
    Linked to Facebook and twitter to stream teasers straight from the site to those channels. Setting up micro data and setting up the schema vocabulary. Getting my redirects from the old site moved over and verifying the google analytics and webmaster tools are functioning as they should.

    Content and structure will come a little later, mostly after the redirects are indexed so I do not lose what ranking the old site did have.

    That way when I do generate the content it will hopefully be indexed well.
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  8. ToddH

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    I get a few loading warnings about scripts and CSS but they are compressed so I get a minor ding there.

    The site is fully responsive. I have it doing pretty well on everything but the android where the logo does not float like I like.

    There are some trade offs unless I want a seperate site and theme for mobile. I suspect I would have similar issues with all the different media out there.
  9. ToddH

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    I had a nice surprise today.
    One is I did find out that if you plus 1 a site, it does influence your search but not a organic search by others.

    If someone wants to test this for me and would like me to test for them I would be happy to.

    I am a landscape lawn care company in Grand Prairie Texas - some feed back would be nice.

    Send me your key terms an I will do same for you.

    Now for the surprise. As mentioned by others on another thread, it sees that linking google plus to google local pages caused some issues. I stated in that thread that I believe some reviews did not show up. There was much speculation about the causes and concerns.

    have been working pretty hard on the underbelly of my website.

    I have verified authorship via google plus and linked the Google Plus badge to my site.
    I deleted my old google plus page.

    I went in and created a Google Local Plus page a few days ago.

    That page is now showing my published reviews and some reveiws from clients I have not seen before.

    I wish I knew the exact steps I took but it did involve deleting the google plus page and updating some of the local pages to my new DBA. I have even created a new google plus page.

    So the trick is to link a google plus local to a local page not a google plus page to google local as far as I can tell.
  10. jamo1911

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    Hey Hancock,
    I like the clean look of your website. I'm no master web designer but I would try and push as much as you can up, so that visitors don't have to scroll down to see whats up. I like your tag line in the logo, but it's hard to read with that banner behind it. Have you considered making the banner just a solid color?

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