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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Blue2000, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Blue2000

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    I recently started a lawn mowing business in Melbourne Florida in June 09'-BREVARD LAWNS LLC. I am currently employed full time in an IT type position. I created my own website using some of the skills I use for my regular job. I have optimized it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Google me for "lawn care brevard FL", and "Lawn Care Melbourne FL"-note the Local business listing of "C" for the Melbourne search area! (my target area)-I can do this instantly for you...I have a nice trick although I don't want to share it here in case my competitors are reading this. E-mail me and I'll share it (use the contact form on the site.) I also have a built in store, Discussion forum, contact form, sitemap, Google Analytics, Flash, Polls, Tag Cloud, and numerous other plugins we could use on your site. The website is becoming a great success and I would like to offer my services and knowledge to other lawn service companies, obviously not in my area. I just did 2 residential estimates today Oct 25th! seems like the further up I move on Google the more visits I get and more estimate requests. I have generated 35 residential customers off the internet since June and the site wasn't even optimized at first. If we use my template and just change the content I could probably do it for around $500-$600 SEO and Local Business listing and all my knowledge Google Adwords Bing, Yahoo etc. BREVARD LAWNS
  2. clean_cut

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    The website looks amazing, very neat and organized, good job!

    It did take about 20 seconds to load the first time I opened it, but it did fine after that.

    Again, great job!
  3. mowerbrad

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    Looks very nice and professional. It's easy to navigate and get all the info. Like clean cut said, it did take about 20 seconds to load the first time.
  4. That's pretty professional looking. Was that a CMS? Not a free one I presume? or did you make it from scratch?
  5. stang2244

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    The website looks and functions great. I am just curious, are those your actual prices? How are you staying in business when your most expensive base mowing package is $70 for the month? Do you guys not mow weekly? Maybe I'm reading it wrong, and sorry if that is the case.
  6. WGLandscapeMaintenance

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    Love the Area Served map!! Great idea!!!
  7. PLS-Tx

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    Very nice.
  8. Blue2000

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    I built it with the Drupal CMS-it's FREE Open Source everything on there is open source including the shopping cart! The flash is what takes time to load- I sacrificed for the look I guess I could change the resolution on it though. Yes those are the prices...I paid cash for all my equipment (I sold my boat and jet ski :( )and in order to start out I needed to generate cash flow, get some good workers, and start getting the name out there "branding." Now that I have 2 solid full time employees I can start raising the prices-(next spring). Also I bought all brand new Equipment 1 50" Dixie Chopper 2750HP, 3 Stihl Kombi 90's and 1 Stihl 600bp blower. This equipment maximizes my crews efficiency also allowing me to save money. The chopper can out work 2 guys with attachments. My current profitability is 11% with insurance, advertising workers comp etc, and I'm projecting 19% in the winter. Thanks for the praise guys but I'm not really looking for praise, I sincerely just want to help a fellow "lawn guy" out. And thanks for pointing out the load time, I will look into it.....
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  9. stang2244

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    I see. Sounds like you've got the numbers down!! So would something similar to what you have cost 500-600 just to set up or does that include maintaining it as well? I don't really know what is involved with the upkeep of a website so a breakdown of what your fee includes would help me out. Thanks!
  10. Blue2000

    Blue2000 LawnSite Member
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    That would include the setup and 1 month of SEO optimization and ...Ideally I would train someone on how to use the site....everything is setup to be maintained on the front end or user interface-meaning you can do everything right from the website itself after you login as administer-like upload pics, add content, manage users, manage orders, create new pages etc. The hosting of the site costs around $60 per year...this would be in addition to your website domain name registration $10/yr. I could host it on my unlimited hosting account for no charge but if I were you I would want it on my own hosting account just in case. I have a contract I created but it's at home I'll attach it later. I am guessing a website like this would cost at least $3,000-$5,000

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