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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by David Hartzog, Dec 15, 2002.

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    My wife is going to set herself up as an employee for the next tax year so that she can accumulate Social Security points and be considered a professional. She works from the home and keeps the kids and I already give her $1500 a month. She handles payroll, schedualling, bids, dispatch, personel files, customer files and relations, billing and budgeting. If it has anything to do with a piece of paper, she handles it! And, if I need back up with an employee that won't listen to me, she's got my back.

    She gets pretty ticked when she's referred to as a housewife, and people say she just sits around and sticks her nose where it dosn;t belong. I get upset too, cause I know niether one of us have the energy to deal with that kind of stupidity, especially cause I want to support my family and keep my kids from having to go to day care. So far, we've done good for 2 1/2 years and we've grown the company so that she can work from home.

    Here's where my question comes in. She thinks having an official title will help her gain some respect with the employees and the public. She's a real modern woman, and educated, and thinks this will help her self-esteem too. But, what exactly do we call her. She's not a secretary. Bookkeeper seems a little narrow. She's more Office Manager, or she like's CEO. I'm listed as sole-propritor, so she's not co-owner. What do you think?
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    CEO = chief executive officer, in a corporation.

    She sounds like the office manager.

    Maybe just get her a few T-shirts that say, front and back: "THE BOSS"?
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    My wife don't even work for me Yet, hopefully next year, but she's called the BOSS right now. LOL :D
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    operations manager?


    vice president?
  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    I'll second that title. Sounds both professional and fitting.
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    Just tell your workers and everybody else that you and her have the same authority in the business, my wife does pretty much all the stuff that you mentioned, she is the one that hand over the checks to my employees that kind of gives her more respect.
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    Technically if your married and not incorperated she is co- owner. At least that's what my wife tells me.
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    If she is your wife :angel: , then you already know that she is the boss! I think Operations Manager would be appropriate. But if you put her on payroll, you're just adding to your expenses with taxes, wc, etc.
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    Executive Administrator

    or, if she's not fond of that.....

    Big Cheese, Chief or....

    change your business from a sole proprietorship to a general partnership and list your wife as co-owner...

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