My wife's been verbally abused!!


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The thread title is an exageration but I thought it would get a look.

I'm a part-timer (full time teacher) and my wife is the person answering the phones at home. Last week we started our clean-ups and power raking. I had everything lined up for Monday and Tuesday 'cause the forecast was for 6 inches of snow on Wednesday. I had quite a few customers call up and were quite rude to my wife demanding that I be at their yard at a particular time. These customers seem to take it out on her (who has done nothing to them...often she's never met them). When I show up or call them, they're all pleasant. I was just wondering if this is a fairly normal rude to the "help" (actually she's the rock of the business) and pleasant to the owner.


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I don't care if you're my best client, if you disrespect my better half be prepared for an ass whooping, or at least a verbal beating. I've only had it happen once. Someone called wondering where I was, (running late but still planning on doing the list for the day), chewed her out up and down because they had company coming over. She called me on my cell, I dropped what I was doing, went to the offender's house, and gave them a piece of my mind, then told them they could find someone else to service their property. Yell and gripe at me ALL you want, I can take it, and usually learn something from it. But yell and gripe at her?? Expect your doorbell to ring.


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I have a many customers that are a total jerk when they get my voice mail, but are all lovey when I call them back. Must be tha stupid gene or something.


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Usually people and I must admit myself included, get more respect by being rude to people if you want something. I know that what I am saying might be a shock to people, but since running this business I have come to realize that if you really want something done by another business, whether it be phone companies, department stores, etc. just been an @sshole to them.


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I don't take to rudeness to myself or anyone who works for me. I have one client especially who speaks in an intimidating manner to everyone but I never allow him to get to that point with me. I have taken it as a personal challenge to always speak in a manner to let him know that #1 when you are talking about what I do as a proffession I am the one with more knowledge than him and # 2 I will walk in a heartbeat and leave him behind. There are two many good ones to put up with those that intentionally want to be a pain. Just because someone pays me for their lawn care does not and never will mean that they own me.


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i love people who have big gonads on the phone, but it ends right there. i have an email for clients to contact me. it's amazing how they talk all kinds of crap on the email, then when i get there, they are quiet as a mouse. and you're part time? i would make it very clear that THEY ARE EXPENDIBLE ! that means, nobody gives a cr@p if they are there or not!


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How many companys are there in AB called "grassroots". You're in Crossfield (by the way my wifes family is from there) and I'm from Lethbridge. THere are 2 companies down here called Grass Roots. Well ones called Grass Roots Lawn Care and the other that just started up is called Grass Roots and Tree Trunks. From what I hear the original Grass Roots guy is pretty pissed off.

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My poor wife gets it all the time. One time I almost fist fought a customer over it.

One year during a draught, we were servicing a customer that had not been mowed in over 3 weeks. The lawn wasnt high, but definately need evened up in a lot of spots. Well this guy, instead of comming out and speaking with me, called and absolutey berate my wife. The thing is, he actually called my wife while we were cutting the lawn. So he could have easily came out and stopped us from cutting. I was very upset about how he spoke to her. So when we finished for the day, and I found out, I went straight back ther and gave the guy a piece of my mind. I dropped the account. And we did nearly come to blows over it.

My whole point was this. The owner of the business was on the job. If you didnt want cut, come out and tell me. Dont, sit in your house and and call my wife to yell at her. She has a job, she only answers the phone as a favor to me.

People like this are a disgrace!

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