My winter projects

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pjslawncare/landscap, Sep 24, 2004.

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    Being a full timer, I wind up with a lot of time on my hands in the off season. I have a lot of equipment to service, but after a month or so, Im done with all repairs, modifications and such. You can only spend so much time on Lawn Site and developing stuff like budgets, employee hand books and stuff like that so Ive just purchased a old Harley Sportster in basket case condition to rebuild and modify this winter. In addition, I am starting to rebuild my Jeep CJ-5 that I already did a frame off rebuild about 10 years ago. Time & the elements have put its toll on it and my plans include putting my chevy 350 I built last winter in it and other mods include kevlar tub, 700 r4 tranny, suspension kit, bigger tires, front & rear lockers and lots more. The harley will sport a custom paint job and I plan to pep up the motor a little and other custom stuff to call it my own so Im ready for the winter. Bring it on!
    I dont plan on being bored this winter
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    Cool stuff to work on. My winter thing is to rebuild a transfer case from my old 1/2 ton chevy. I also have a 60 HP 2stroke outboard to rebuild. The outboard and 18 ft bowrider boat I just got for FREE. :drinkup: One of the pistons is trashed slightley melted on the top edges and 2 broken rings. The cylinder is in good shape honeing should do the trick.
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    I'm retiring from the landscape industry So My winter project is 2 things
    1. Landscaping my new home on the beach in Ilse of Palms South Carolina

    2. Sitting on the beach drinking Corona :drinkup:

    3. :cool2:

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