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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by USAProLawnCare, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Hey buddy keep up the good work.I know that your just starting out now, but by reading over your posts you seem to be real into getting your buisiness growing and you seem to really enjoy it, that's good. Keep up the good work maybe advertise a little and set some goals before you know it you'll have 15 lawns this year and 25 next year and 40 following year. Grow slow and smart. Be fair with your prices, follow through with your customers and be prompt. When you upgrade with your mower decision buy a mower that will handle a decent work load don't rush any buying decisons. Your pushmower can handle 15 or 20 lawns a week. Good luck. I read your posts it reminds me of starting out 8 years ago.
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    Thank you very much for the encouragement. Yes I am starting out, but I intend on growing as quickly/efficiently/wisely as I can. I lost my job, so this HAS to work out; I am determined that it will. I have the only color ad in the yellow pages (that just came out yesterday actually) and am #1 on the internet in my area as of a couple weeks ago, so hopefully just the combination of those two things will help here real soon. Again, I really appreciate your encouragement.

    Also, judging by your screen name, you're a Mustang guy. Me too :) Last one i had was an 86 Hatch GT that I built up nicely. If interested check out my youtube vid:
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    Oh ok haha I quick googled it lol :)
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    This is an old 90's model commercial unit. Its as commercial as it got for Snapper for its time. Only a small amount of them came with the kawas.. I'm sure most of the guys who have been around since the 90's or so will know what I'm talking about.
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    Well I didn't end up buying that Snapper.

    When I got there, the guy wasn't home so his wife showed it to me. It started first pull and ran very smoothly... But when I put it in 1st gear and squeezed the handle, it didn't move. So I tinkered with it a little more and it wouldn't move. So she called him and he was like "well it worked a month ago".. I left and told her to have him call me if he wanted to. So he called like 20 mins later and said he "tapped" on the drive pulley and now its working great! Yeah, I don't buy it. All it had going for it was the motor.. The bag was all tore up and it was just not something i wanted to mess with.. So then I look on CL, and he re-painted the clutch cover and fuel cap, and gave it a bath and raised the price! What a dork..
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    Have you actually seen his work in Oklahoma, or, have you just seen pictures of his work here on LS ??
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    Well, I'll let you figure that one out.. But why does it matter?
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    Alright I have a situation... You all know that I just recently acquired that gas station a couple of weeks ago. When I initially cut it, there were some brown spots.. Then when I went back to cut it the second time, the brown spots were more prominent. I tried several times to get ahold of the owner so he could show me where the timers were, because he was too busy to do that when he hired me... Never got ahold of him. Yesterday I go to the gas station to get a drink, and noticed that half of the grass is brown. It is really bad. So I FINALLY get ahold of him, and he tells me over the phone where to go to look at the timer.. So I get there (in the kitchen area of the gas station), and look exactly where he tells me to look, and find that it has been replaced with a first aid kit, and the wiring is dangling from the ceiling...:dizzy:

    So I go outside, locate the valves, (which are a mess) and see that there is a water shut off valve inline to the valves.. it is turned to the ON position.. I try to manually turn on the valves, and nothing happens.. So I try to locate the source of the water to the valves, and am unable to.

    I met him this morning, and we go over all these findings and I ask him a simple question. Since the sod was put in (In November) have you actually PHYSICALLY ever seen these sprinklers on? His answer: No I can't say I have..

    SO I HAVE NO IDEA IF THESE THINGS ARE EVEN HOOKED UP TO ANY KIND OF WATER SOURCE... The guys who did it were (excuse me if I offend anybody) illegal, didn't speak English, and whenever my customer asked them to show him how to turn on the sprinklers, they said they were too busy..

    So the grass is dying, and I have no idea where to start to figure out this system.. I have traced the piping the best I can to find a possible location for water supply, and have found NOTHING.
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    Might wanna start a thread in the irrigation section here. But unless you have an irrigation license and unless you want to own this whole mess, I'd have the owner contact an irrigation specialist. In the mean time you might wanna run some hoses and a sprinkler out there and try to rescue the turf before it's gone for good.
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    You and I think a lot alike. I already told the owner he needs to get some hoses out there with a couple of oscillating sprinklers or something to get the turf watered for now. My dad, who was in the business for 18 years, is very pushy. Every time I mention doing something, he has to force his opinion on me, and I sometimes cave in.. But I have to realize this is MY business, not his. I think you are correct about having a specialist coming in and fixing the problem. I am not a specialist, therefore no I do not want to own this mess. It is a large mess.. I can fix smaller messes.. but this is a big issue.

    Unfortunately, there is only one actual irrigation specialist in my area, believe it or not, and he is a jerk. I tried to contract out a sprinkler installation job with him once (about 2k worth of business for him) and he was all cool about it until I told him I own a landscape maintenance company and it is for a customer of mine.. So I'm going to have to figure something out quick.

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