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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Allens LawnCare, Dec 30, 2003.

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    Alright guys need some advice, I'm starting in 2004, First I'm going to start with my yard, I just purchased a 1.84 acre house, The lot had a huge hill in the back and the previous owner decided to flatten it. so what I'm dealing with is an area probably 80' by 200' that has normal fill with fist size rocks scattered throughout.........Heres my much loam should I spread , what type of grass seed should I use......95% of it is in direct sunlight, and what type of fert should I use. And does anyone still use hay to cover it or should I go with something else........We used some stuff called Penn mulch where I used to work I don't know if anyone is to familiar with that stuff.........Any assistance would be helpful.
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    Lots of questions that have been answered many times before and need lots of calculations. I would do a search.
  3. Take soil test, get results on nutrients, base saturation, ph, % organic matter

    If soil is poor, I would add loam, you never know what you are getting, why not add organic matter and till in

    I perfer penmulh, seedaide, or lebonons copy of penn mulh

    Fert depends on soil test

    good luck
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    RedSox, I seeded my yard, (new construction) about a year and a half ago. It is mostly clay soil. I had low grade topsoil brought in (enough to cover the yard about an inch deep). Then I had compost delivered (enough to cover about two inches deep). Then we tilled it in about four or five inches deep. It worked great. I had people asking me if I laid down sod. :D ;) :D
    It cost me some bucks, but I love my yard.

  5. craigslawn care

    that was the correct time to make improvements, that will save money in long run, and provide a nicer turf with less trouble
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    Thanks for the info guys
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    Unless your planning on grazing horses or cattle stay away from hay!!!!!!!! STRAW is what you would want to use LOL


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