Launches it's new automated lanscaping estimating & Marketing tool!

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    Estimating Concepts Goes Live with its New Automated Landscape Estimating Program

    Estimating Concepts LLC of Nashua, NH today announced that it's groundbreaking lawn and landscape quoting tool has gone live and is now available for use by any Green Industry company in the country. is a tool that allows homeowners the ability to find qualified lawn and landscape firms in their area and to actually perform their own service estimate using proprietary satellite measuring technology and the providers own pricing structure. The consumer has the ability to commit to the service directly through the site, submit a request for more information or to actually prepay in advance for the service they desire. Company founders estimate that lawn care operators will be able to double marketing productivity while cutting costs in half and will likely reduce accounts receivable by up to forty percent.

    The company’s founder, Luke Tomanek stated that after dealing with many lawn and landscape companies in terms of their technology and ability to market efficiently that there was a significant disconnect with the modern consumer. "I saw the need to connect the landscape firm with the modern consumer in a way that saves time and utilizes technology. It was as if most companies grow their business by referral only and will allow them to not only minimize marketing expenses but will virtually guarantee that they will experience significant growth beyond simple referral sales. allows the Landscape firm the opportunity to place a "badge" on their company website that will allow visitors to click through to a tool that will measure the square footage of a property with one hundred percent accuracy. From there the visitor will be directed to a company profile and a list of available services with their exact pricing. When asked about the potential for a homeowner to misrepresent the size of their property Tomanek stated that he knew this system wouldn't work for everybody. "We knew that many providers would be skeptical of the homeowner building their own estimate so we built in tools that allow the provider to use the same exact tools that the homeowner would use. A salesperson can literally answer the phone for a request for estimate and have a professional and descriptive proposal with exact square footage and pricing in the consumers in box in just a matter of seconds. This is an absolute no brainer for companies looking to streamline their estimating process and grow their business." He went on to say that the feedback has been incredible from every company who participated in the ramp up to launch. "I really think this program has the potential to change an entire industry." Tomanek said. operates on a monthly subscription basis and offers three tiers of programs with each one offering unique features. The company is located at and inquiries can be sent to

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