Mysterious Pond Leak

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by sheltervalley, Jul 17, 2008.

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    I have a customer who has a pond that is made from poured concrete. He says that there isn't a gradual leak but it happens instantly overnight where half of the water is gone. Could it be a hose that comes loose or an actual crack in the concrete? What are some ways to fix this?
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    if it's that quick most likely the waterfall is leaking. turn off the power one night mark you level check the next day and if it didn't drop it's the falls, did drop it's the basin
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    If the leak is in the pond itself and not the waterfall, you could let the water level drop until it stops dropping. After the water stops dropping, put enough water back into the pond to raise the water level an inch, or so. Once you've done that, pour a couple gallons of milk around the water's edge. The milk will let you see any subtle movement of the water's surface as it flows out the leak. This is an age-old way of finding leaks in ponds. If you do have a leak in a concrete pond like that, consider using bentonite to seal it.
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    Did you find out what was wrong?

    Most leaks occur in the streams and falls.

    Good luck

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