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Mystery Huqvarna 21" Mower

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That's the only picture I can find of that mower on
their website. It looks very similar to the new Exmark.
You guys have any idea what the model number is?
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IF you are finding the W53CS than you are on the european Husqvarna web site not the US website. The 53 is for 53 centimeters where the 21 is for 21 inches. In the US it would be a W21S. The W21 is a commercial grade push mower with a Kawasaki engine, cast deck, 3 speed gear box.
Looking on my price list from Husqvarna, that mower is currently available with both the Kawasaki engine and also the Honda engine. I personally have only carried it with the Kawasaki. The straight push model, no drive, is a WC21 and is only available with the Kawasaki. The drive model, WCS21, and the model with the blade brake clutch, WCB21, are available with both engine options. The only differentiation between their model numbers is the honda engined one adds an H to the end of the model, ie. WCS21H and WCB21H.

In the 2010 Husqvarna catalog you will find them on page 122 but they only list it with the Kawasaki engine.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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