Mystery of Germination

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Smallaxe, Oct 10, 2012.

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    ... is no mystery:
    "Uptake of water by a mature dry seed is triphasic (see webpage "Water Relations"), with a rapid initial uptake (phase I, imbibition) followed by a plateau phase (phase II, metabolic preparation for germination). Phase III is a further increase in water uptake which occurs directly after germination is completed. Phase-III water uptake causes hydraulic growth of the embryo and the emerged seedling. ..."

    Does anyone know what the physical triggers might be for Phase II to finally move on to phase III???

    Does anyone know whether Phase II can be held in suspended animation over winter, until ideal conditions are reached for germination???

    The answers to these questions would certainly clear up a lot of voodoo about the magic of growing seed... Especially, when this year's weather pattern has everyone in doubt about whether or not to proceed...

    It seems all life in the Midwest is preparing for a long winter's nap, even though we got a little bit of rain for the first time in weeks... :)
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    There is no magic to germinating seed...unless you are working with seed that has complex germination codes like scarification, double dormancy, heat/smoke, etc. Cool season turf grass can be grown in a cup by 1st graders for crying out loud.
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    :laugh: seed to soil contact + moisture = germination as long as it is not to cold.
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Just slice overseeded a boulevard area for one of my customers today. Completely died out due to the drought. Rain forecast for this weekend. Good soil contact + rainfall = good bet it comes up nicely, at least the per rye that is.
  5. Smallaxe

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    No answer to the second phase questions...

    It has been suggested that a grass seed would germinate after the correct amount of time in phase II, even though the ground has dried out completely, in the meantime...
    So we need to know if that is true...

    The other point has to do with grass seed, planted now, in the midwest and as it goes through the process but then freezes before establishing itself...
    This would be important to know before wasting the clients' money...

    All the 1st Grader in a cup or soil to seed contact,,, has to do with Phase I... we are talking about possible problems relating to Phase II...

    Sorry for the confusion, but was hoping that someone might have studied that in their educational experiences along the way... :)

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