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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by horselady, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. horselady

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    How do you deal with customers who think fertilizer burns the lawn. How can I explain that is why they have hired a professional and the application rate has been adjusted? We are applying a slow-release fertilizer that won't activate until we get rain. At the rate we are going, it may be awhile before we get rain.

    We will be sending out a newsletter to our customers to educate them on dealing with a lawn during drought. I'm hoping to send it out this week.
  2. horselady

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    bumping to the top ...
  3. HydroCutter

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    however Confront 3 w/ Dimension and fertilizer will burn lawn. Learned hard way after a unforecasted storm hit shortly after applying. Water took product and puddled into 3 areas. Not good
  4. BBL

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    Granular you probably won't have to worry too much about, but it still can burn a lawn for sure, you should NEVER tell a customer otherwise either. Just like you should never tell them it is "safe".

    Liquid will defiently fry a lawn out easier than granular, but the risk is still there regardless.

    For example, after applying your fert(BTW what are you using?) they might water their lawn good and than after a few hot days it could have some damage to the lawn.

    It depends on what your using also 19-19-19 or 8-32-16 or 0-10-40, etc, etc are going to have varying degrees of possible damage.

    Remember just because it ain't raining, doesn't mean their lawns aren't receving water.
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    I have been told that the ingredient muriate of potash (ingredient of road salt) is what will burn the lawn. Burning takes place when the humidity is high, the muriate of potash will sticks to the grass blade with causes the burning. I use sulfate of potash which will not burn a lawn. It costs more but the results are much better.

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