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I believe that i saw somewhere about a set of ear muff type things that were also comms. I know they have radio ones, but i want one with radio communication to others as well. It could cut down time if i can micro from my machines more. Have yall seen anything like this and if so what is the address or web site?

Thanks for the help. (IF there is any)

Acute CUt


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Yea they got them , go to the people you got your radios from see what they have that will just plug in. They are going to be spendy, some times my guys have "used" ones,Im not sure they are any cheaper half the time.If you don't like their price try seeing what brand they are then try to find them on the internet. If your a dixe chopper owner this nice thing will be you'll at least look like a chopper pilot.

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On-site or long-distance?

Either way there are products out there that work well.

I have both and have used both. (Don't anymore, it's too annoying)


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We have motorola's that we use that plug into our LMR's. Its like what the NFL uses for the coaches and stuff like that. Our main use for them is when we work on the runway, you can't hear your redular LMR with your earplugs in, and that can cause trouble if an F-16 wants to land in your job site!! They work pretty good, but like someone said, they get kinda annoying.

Hope this helps!


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