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Got a question for you N.C. cutters. What is your growing season like down there? The reason that I ask is beacuse I had a customer move, and I aquired the new owners, they are from N.C.

I have cut there weekly all through Aug. for the new owners, since they took ownership. In my origional conversaiton with the fellow, I said that we do weekly cuts, any move it back to two weeks during dry spells.

Aug. here is usually dry, as well as July. Cutting every other week is usually sufficent. Sept. and Oct. are usually two months of heavy growth, and require weekly cutting.

The customer called last night, wanting to go to every other week for the rest of the season. I explained the normal cutting cycles to him, but he did not seem to understand. He thinks that the fall will have a slower growth.

Now, the last two weeks here have been dry, and the growth has tailed off, so a two week schedule will work for the time being, but as soon as the rainfall returns, weekly cutting will be necessary on all properties.

I am trying to figure out if the guy is being a cheepskate, or if he is used to slow growth in N.C. and thinks that is is about the same up north of the Mason-Dixon line.


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I asked a big lawn care business and they cut 40 to 42 weeks a year here in NC. They do mostly Commercial stuff so they don't offer a 10 or 14 day schedule.

On Residential work, you may cut back to a 10 to 14 day schedule in the hot months. The fall in NC is a good growth time and will need to be cut every week. I cut my own yard every 5 days in the fall and spring.



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That is about what I thought, but wanted to check for sure. I am going to cut it as needed, and if we don't agree on scheduling, he will have to find another provider.


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Jaclawn, sorry I missed this post but it looks like you got your answer. I would let him know if he pays by the cut and wants it cut every 2 weeks and it's ok with you, then fine as long as it does not require double cutting. Also, in the spring if it needs mowing every 5 days he is to pay for each cut also. The lawns I mow require weekly mowing thru Oct.

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If he is from the coastal area he might be use to the slow growing hands off type grass centepede. It doesn't need much food and takes the heat real well therefore most of my customers want it cut every 10 days some 14 days but rarely 7 days. I personally like a green, well manicured lawn so I tend to go against the nature of the beast and fertilize our lawn 3 times a year and cut about every 5 days during the growing season. Looks excellent! Most homeowners go for the "hands off" appeal. I like to show them how nice the hands on centepede looks. Most folks think it's too hot to do anything outside during the summer so thats where I come in :)

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