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    Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas:

    I am avalable to relocate to any of these area for this coming season. Would
    certainly consider other areas.
    My wife and I are relocating to Seattle, this coming fall. I will work and she will move.

    I am posting parts of my experience these past years. I am very hands on,
    tireless and committed to perfection. I could very easily work for any size
    company. And, I am not the kind of person who shows up feeling that he knows more than anyone else! Your business, I can just shut-up and mow-mow the very best you have ever seen! Thanks For Your Interest.


    To continue in the golf, grounds and turf arenas using my skills and determination to accomplish an unrelenting level of member satisfaction and employee excellence.

    Leadership Qualities:
    Manage multiple crews in a multi-task environment
    Accomplish goals by example
    Hiring, training and mentoring crew members
    Accomplish the task

    Specialized Professional Skills:
    Extensive knowledge and experience in all phases of golf maintenance
    Bent grass
    Bermuda grass
    Winter over-seeding
    Operating budgets of up to $ 900,000.00
    Weed and disease control
    Chemical applications
    Toro, Rainbird, Buckner and Hunter irrigation systems

    I have been in the golf course/grounds maintenance profession for over 20 years. My previous career experiences have allowed me to develop a working knowledge of the many general and specific cultural practices regarding greens maintenance including aerification techniques, disease control, mowing heights and methods, top dressing and drainage. In addition, these experiences have provided me with the ability to promote member/management relations by breaching the chasm of communication that often develops between these two groups. My complete experiences comprise the following areas:


    Bent grass, Bermuda grass, Bluegrass, perennial/annual rye.


    15 seasons of successful over-seeding with various perennial rye mixtures and poa trivialis/bent mixtures.


    General maintenance and repairs of all major irrigation systems including
    Toro, Rainbird and Hunter.

    Weed/Disease Control:

    Vast general knowledge of all major weed and disease pressures which affect Bent, Bermuda, Poa, Saint Augustine, Rye and Blue grasses.


    Operating budgets in excess of $ 900,000.


    Have supervised as many as 40 people.

    Public Relations:

    Extensive and successful experience with various groups
    Men’s Golf Assoc, Women’s Golf Assoc, various homeowners
    Boards of Directors as well as a multitude of golf/convention groups.

    Williston Country Club** Williston, N.D.
    **Not affiliated with Eagle Ridge Golf Club
    Private Club

    Trinity Plantation Golf Club Trinity, TX
    A residential golf community
    General Manager

    Elkins Lake Golf Course Huntsville, TX
    A residential golf community

    Waterwood National Resort Waterwood, Texas
    A Golf Digest Top 10 Texas Course
    A residential golf community

    Little America Resort And Golf Course Cheyenne, Wyoming
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    Did you receive my reply to your inquiry? Just wondering, I would love to talk/e-mail anymore information that you may need. I may be able to adjust pay rate depending on needs, wants, and personality:) . Hope to hear from you again soon.
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    If you are still looking for work (in Minnesota), please get in touch with MLCC. We have an opportunity to contract manage a golf course and are in need of an experienced individual to close the deal- should it happen.
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    Tried to find some info on MLCC to reply, but couldn,t find any.
    Yes, I would be very interested in that position. I could finance my own re-location and am very willing to negotiate regarding salary. Thanks!
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