N. GA Bermuda, need help.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by T56 Impala, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Long story short.....

    Hired Weed Man and a local "Yard guy" to maintain my front yard. Between it being cut too short and improperly, and Weed Man spreading weeds and killing LARGE areas of grass, I need some help. (Yes, both have been fired and I am once again doing it myself)

    Everyone with some knowledge I have had look at the dead areas say the same thing. "It looks like someone sprayed Round Up on these areas." I also grow Roses and have tested the pH of of the soil in the front yard. Currently it is at 5.2. I have applied Gypsum to the yard in hopes of loosening up the compacted soil a bit. What else should I apply to the yard to get the Bermuda to run back into the bare areas? Pests do not seem to be an issue at this time.

    Currently, we seem to be getting enough rain for the yard to thrive. If that changes, I do have an in ground system I can run 3 days a week. I have the timers set to provide the correct amount of water needed. I am not willing to re seed at this point since keeping the ground moist would prove impossible with our current watering restrictions. I would rather have the grass run naturally back into these areas. Sodding these areas might be a way to go only if I can not get results any other way.

    Mostly what I need to know is what I need to apply to the bare and growing areas? How much? How often? What should the proper pH be for Bermuda and what should I use to get it there? How about for Zoysia? For reference, I have various sprayers and spreaders and am not against using liquids.

    I am really disappointed in how bad my yard looks. I'm not looking for a quick fix, but a long term solution. It took me 6 years to get my last yard perfect, I fully expect it to take years here also.

    My next challenge will be to restore grass to the area under my Bradford Pear! I'm having it limbed up next week.
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    I would get a real soil test for the area. It will provide the pH but lots of other important information including:
    -P,K, Ca, Mg, buffer pH and organic matter. It will tell you how many pounds of lime as well as the type and amount of fert to add. Turfgrasses grow best with a pH between 6-7, according to UMASS.

    After the floods we had last fall, I had terrible errosion issues (very sloped yard). This left many bare spots. For the one large bare area, I replaced the sod. For the rest, I aerated, added calcitic lime and fert per the soil test. It's really improved dramatically.
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    Who would I get to do a test? I put the Gypsum down to help loosen the hard packed red clay we have here. Gypsum is one thing that really never hurts to add on any area that grows. The front yard is Hybrid Bermuda with one small area by the gate that is Emerald Zoysia. The back is Emerald Zoysia sodded last year. It has thin areas, but overall is in good shape. A little water logged, but doing okay!
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    Your spots sound like spring dead spot which is common and not the applicators fault. Ph at 6 would be best!
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    Here are a few suggestions T56

    1) Reel mow, nothing is better for a hybrid bermuda lawn than a reel mower. I dont care what anyone says, you dont have the same quality stand of bermuda cut with a rotary as you do with a reel and its almost impossible to cut bermuda at recommended height with a rotary. I also suggest a sand topdressing to level the lawn to prevent scalping whether using a reel mower or a rotary. Apply a sand/compost mix, kill two birds with one stone.

    2) Forget gypsum, core aerate and apply compost.

    3) Get a soil test from John Deere Landscapes or any other place like Southern States.

    4) Drive out to my house in Winder and I will show you what a top dressed and reel mowed lawn looks like...and one on a budget. I have so much lateral growth with my bermuda I could edge my driveway every 2 days and cut grass. I could cut a 6x6 inch patch of grass from my lawn and it would be filled in in 2 weeks.

    5) The last poster mentioned Spring Dead Spot (SDS), when/if you visit my home I'll show you SDS. Come next year and I'll likely show it to you again.

    6) I will show you a lawn that went from crap to wow in one season...6 years is too long, so is 2.
  9. cgaengineer

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    Send me a PM.
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    He's not joking... I had to go out to Winder and see chris's (cgaengineer) yard myself. He didn't even tell me which house it was. He said... "You can tell by the lawn". And like I said before he's not joking... it would be worth it to go out and take a look for yourself, the pics do not do the best looking lawn in Winder justice!!!

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