nada for mowers?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by coryjones, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Is there a place to see what a mower is worth? I have a 2010 hustler superduty with bagger and suspension seat and only 45 hours i want to sell but don't know what is is worth.
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    We have Iron Guides here, but the Hustler only goes up to 2007 in it. I have a 2010 version. The only thing I notice is the value is always waay higher in the book than what it would sell for in the market. The way I price used mowers, is I search is tractor house, and searchtempest, and then I try to be cheaper than any price I come across, I usually sell pretty fast that way....
    I would guess there locally, you will prolly have to loose around $2000 after taxes to blow it out really quick. You might start at $1500 less, and hope someone needs a bagger and is not legit (to save on taxes versus a new one)....
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    I would be happy with $7,000 you think it is possible?

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