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this afternoon my last cut was a little ole lady that calls when he wants her grass done. as I arrived I could see that the CRABGRASS and a few weeds were up real tall with the rest of the grass no big deal. mmmmmm...I thought as that tall crabgrass would go to seed and next year insure another year of my making money cutting her crabgrass. I thought \" is good in this business!\"

to get on with the story, as I had finished half of the property, I moved to the front, made half a pass and EOWWWWWWW!!! NAILED ON MY BACK THROUGH MY SHIRT!!! screw the lesco...I was outta there! got to the truck, got my shirt off stood there a second and WHAMMO!!! NAILED AGAIN!!! OFF I GO AGAIN!!! the little striped stinging bastards had followed me about 50 yards.

the bottom line...I went back at 10:30 tonight, got the lesco and got outta there. I wasn\'t able to find the hole the little devils came out of so it looks like the little ole lady is gonna be looking for a new crass cutter!



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If you are allergic to bee stings, it is definitely time to move on to other customers. If not, maybe recommend that she get it taken care of, with the warning that you're outta there if she doesn't get rid of nest within a short period of time. I bet she never even walks in her own yard, so she doesn't have a clue.


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I know how you feel. Back when i was about 16, I mowed for this neighbor lady of mine. It was a decent size yard, a little over an acre. I was using Dad's 18hp Murray Garden tractor. I had finished the front and side yards, and moved on to the back. After a few passes in the back, I started getting nailed in the back of the neck over and over again. I decided it was in my best interest to jump off the mower and run like hell. The tractor had a dead man switch, so i knew it would shut down when i jumped off, WRONG!! lol.
After i jumped off and started running, the tractor just kept on going, and was headed towards a row of trees at her property line. So I had to run back after it and turn the key off to keep if from crashing into the trees. After it was all said and done, I had gotten hit in the back of the neck 10 times. Luckily, none had managed to get down my shirt, I think this is because i grabbed the collar of my shirt and held it flush with my skin to keep them from getting down it.
I knocked on her door and told her what had happend. Luckily she was a nurse, she ran to the medicine cabinet and got some Benadryl, had me take it, the gave me an ice bag for the swelling. The whelts were actually bleeding, and hurt like hell.
Needless to say, my mowing for that day was over and I hooked the cart back up to the tractor that had the push mower and weed eater in it and headed home. The next day, she called an exterminator, and those bastards were toast!
There was no way I was going back there to get rid of them. lol

Take care Geo,
Tim :)


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I scan every yard before I start cutting. This takes a little time. But it is well worth it. I still miss them sometimes. The other day, my goggles were fogged up due to the humidity lol. Came around a house weedeating at the air condition unit. Bees were coming out of the crevice in the cement base. I say them flying around my head. But none stung me for some reason. That was a miracle! I have been lucky this year in that I have found most nest before they found me. Geo, no reason to give up the yard. Because most every yard you do will have bees sooner or later. I have been stung many times at once. But have never quit Working for the day. Hell, working takes your mind off the pain and itching. I dreamed one time i went to hell and there were bees there too lol. No way am I going to hell if thats true.


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Takes me back to the time I was stun over a 100 times, I ran over serval ground nests. The bastrads strarted stinging, and the only thing I could to was to run, of course the mower was left running. I ran 1000ft and they were still stinging and casing me. The only thing I could then was jump in the neighbors bushes and roll around to get them off. That didn't help because then they were in my pants, underware, and in my ears and nose. I finally made it home, and had my mom hose of the bees and honets off. That wasn't the worst off it, I had a high School football game that night with our hometown rivials. I ended up having the best game ever, lead the team in tackles that night. True Story, but I have been stun so many times over the years that something good has come out of it, I am imune to certain bee stings.


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I must be fortunate. I have only been stung once, by a bumblebee on the top of my head (whoever said bumblebees dont sting is full of doody). Ive sliced paperwasp nests in half with my hedge trimmer, uncovered yellowjacket dens while removing landscape timbers, run over the holes in the ground unbeknownst to me, until I see the angry cloud of yellowjackets on the return pass, but have yet to be stung. (The last one, I returned in two evenings with every intent to spray the nest, but found that a skunk had beaten me to it, digging a nice hole and scattering the nest remains in the process).

Must be the bees can sense the bad taste Id leave with em :)


I got hit 40 times by yellow jackets one year. They got up my shorts.. shirt.. face.. I was down for a week in bed.

When I made it back to the truck the only thing I had on was my socks and shoes.


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Keep a couple of cans of that wasp killer in your truck. I get the little SOB's several times a season. I just keep an eye out. They usually sting me around my socks. Someone told me they're attracted to white.


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My partner's been stung a couple different times already this season. I'm still waiting my turn. Worst time for me was being stung high up on my leg by a bee that was in my truck. The bad part (aside from being stung) was it happened in heavy traffic coming off the highway on an off ramp. I had to exit the highway before I could pull over and jump out to run around cussin' my head off.

My employee next to me almost crapped himself laughing! Needless to say he was worked pretty hard for the rest of the day.


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I got nailed twice this season, allthough neither time was "big time". The first was at a lawn that I had just picked up, (BTW I was $55, the last guy to do it was $40, YES LAWNSITE!). The lawn has a hill in the back yard that is fairly steep, but still managable. IT abuts one of our areas most prestigious conutry clubs.

I was there this one afternoon, my first time cutting it. IT was fairly high, and I knew that double cutting was going to be a must. I found the nest down low on the hill on the first pass, managing not to get stung. I made a mental note to myself about it, hoping to take care on my next pass.

On my double pass, I hit the nest, and they came after me.I had on my hearing protectors/raido, and my glasses. They went for the head. I could feel them near my face and head, and natural instinct took over. I let go of the machine, (first time in 12 years that I ever used a deadman on a mower) and started running. I was swatting at my head, knocking off my headphones, and glasses. When all was said and done, I only got stung twice, once above the eye, and the other at the hairline. My glasses did need an alignment after that incident though.

I am sure that some golfers had a few good laughs.

The other incident was a bit more painful. I was mowing in a nice upper class residential neighborhood one afternoon. I had on the total "lawn geek" outfit. HEadphones, ball cap, seinor citizen glasses( you know, the ones that get darker in the sun), t-shirt, denim shorts, high top work boots...

I was cutting perpindicular to the street with a 21". A very attractive woman of about my age was waalking by with a dog. She looked my way, gave a slight wave, and mouthed "hi". I smiled and said high back. (What is up with this? Most females wouldn't notice me if I was on fire!) I was about half way to the street, and she passed by. Just after she passed by, I hit the nest. This time, they went for the ankles. I got hit once, and and that natural instinct took over again. This time, I was doing a little dance, jumping around, swatting at my ankles. By this time, the fine female was past by, but still pretty close. At the exact time that I was doing my dance, she turned around to look, and saw my moves. She burst out laughing.

She just kept pn going. I have two thoughts on her mindset after seeing me. 1. "a pretty girl said hi to me, and I was jumping for joy." 2. "The Jackson Five just came on the raido, and he must be jamming..."