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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Turtle II, Nov 9, 2006.

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    A few years back, there was a thread with links for name & address locator's.
    One site even showed you the name - phone number and owner data of every house on the street of the address you plugged in. I have searched for that thread for about the past hour with no luck.

    Anyone know of any sites that produce this type of data and can share it???

    Hope everyone is doing well,,,
    It's like summer time in the southeast today, a true "Indian Summer" !!!:cool:
  2. adaptivehomeservices

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    Check your countys appraisers office website. Look up taxable values and their might be a search page where you enter the name of the street and it will pull up all of the houses on that street, complete with owner names. Does that help?
  3. greasy_gun

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    i use
    for the Name, Address, Phone - Have one it will give the rest
    You can even look up the neighbors

    Google Earth to view the property

    My County web site also give property drawings, house drawing, and owner info.

    You can also try for intersting info.
  5. Tagg

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    :usflag: We use DeLorme Street Atlas it shows all names and phone #'s on a street.:cool2: The $ 59.95 version.
  6. Runner

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    There are free sites that do this as well. You enter one address on the site, and it tells you who lives there, and all others on the street (or road).
  7. Tagg

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    Runner, Do you have any of the FREE site Addresses ??? I don't really care for the DeLorme Street Atlas mapping software as compared to Microsoft Streets and Trips, so much easier to use to me. Thanks.
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    I use my county auditors website to check on potential customers.
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