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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by SprinklerGuy, Feb 11, 2005.

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    I think I have decided to start offering lawn mowing service here in my Colorado Market. I plan to continue of course with my bread and butter irrigation as well, however, the lawn maint. will help to pay my bills while I wait for the irrigation to grow here. Remember, I am starting out with ZERO perhaps I can be diversified at first and then settle into irrigation as I develop the company. who knows, maybe the lawn maintenance will thrive due to my customer service skills and become a very profitable business on its own.

    IN the meantime however, my company name is obviously a very good one for irrigation but not so great for Lawn maintenance. I really don't want to have another company name and new flyers/brochures/bus cards etc.

    Is it reasonable to do lawn maintenance with a company name that is so obviously an irrigation company?

    If I do use another name....perhaps I could use a new company name but then insist on people making checks out to my irrigation company? DBA....

    I really like the irrigation company name and don't want to stop using it, but also don't want another business account.
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    I think that if you're looking to start into the maint side of the business you NEED a name that reflects that. If you're worried about re-printing brochures/business cards, I have to ask how quickly you're looking to grow. If you're looking to grow slowly, then continue to use your irrigation name and offer your services to past customers just by letting them know you're in the business of lawn maint now. Or, knock on doors and tell people that your company is expanding into lawn maintenance and you'd like to give them a special price on their lawn. If you're looking for a dozen customers, you can keep your name for now.

    If you want to jump in full force and pick up 30-50 accounts, you're gonna need to do some advertising to the general public and your name should reflect the services you offer. If you're investing that much money in new equipment/advertising, what's a few hundred dollars in letterhead/bus cards?

    So, it depends on how heavily you're jumping into the new line of services. If you're going small, and have enough contracts, keep your name. If you need LARGE growth to support all the new costs of adding another service, your company (or you personally) can set up a DBA and spend the money for new printing!
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    Hey Tony - didn't leave for Albq. yesterday. Tucson Monday though.

    When I got into the outdoor lighting, I registered another business name - Glacier Lights. And did it as a DBA Sprinklers Etc., Inc. Checks for lighting jobs were written to Glacier LIghts. But I got that name added onto my Sprinklers bank account so the checks went into the same account.

    Since you have Sprinkler Solutions, how about Lawn and Sprinkler Solutions? Or just Lawn Solutions?
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    Hi SprinklerGuy,

    If you wanted to get your marketing started today, you could always do something like this. With a tagline under your logo.

    We mow lawns too!

    Or something like that.
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    Ssi Turf Solutions.

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