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Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by Element Property Mgmt, Aug 27, 2013.

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    so i named my company (2012) based on a few main reasons;
    1. i was hoping to eventually offer a wide range of outdoor services including painting, roofing, ponds, piers and boat lifts, decks, plus any landscaping services. personally my interpretation of property management suits the denotation.
    2. it is unique and sounds much more professional.
    3. a large lawn and landscape company in the area (and one of the best quality companies) uses this denotation and does very well, even though they also have a portion that is managing properties.

    the cons of the denotation/possible advantages to a name change would be
    1. no more people asking me exactly what i do with managing properties... it got old fast.
    2. better search result utilization on the internet.

    i feel like if there is a time to do a small name change such as this and not have to think about it anymore now is the time.

    lastly i must say that if i do change it i want to retain that unique/professional denotation that incorporates all the services i want to offer.
    a few quick ideas might be;
    -grounds management (not so much a fan of the grounds, reminds me of a golf course or cemetery)
    -outdoor services (no professionalism in services)
    -...:hammerhead:really just drawing blanks, i guess if i had found something that sounded good already there would be no point to this thread.

    so, any input on the denotation change itself? if i should change please give me some suggestions.

  2. phasthound

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    no more people asking me exactly what i do with managing properties... it got old fast.

    That is the perfect opportunity to begin your sales pitch!
    I see nothing wrong with your name. It takes time to build your brand, stick with it, be consistent, do great work, don't underbid, get referrals.
  3. tonygreek

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    What is it you actually do? I'm assuming you've decided to focus on lawn & landscape? If that's the case, I would just veer off to Element Lawn Services, Element Landscaping, whatever. It allows you to maintain some of your built up brand awareness and just sounds good.

    From a web marketing standpoint, is available, as is has not been renewed (actually expired yesterday) but is in GoDaddy's redemption period. That can last 40 days or so before potentially being released back in to the wild.
  4. Element Property Mgmt

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    i am obviously iffy on changing anything in the first place because like i said i do like it and feel it states what i do clearly to myself, but after sitting on for a little while the word property is one of the first synonyms for grounds etc. so as far as a perfect opportunity for a sales pitch i completely agree in that aspect since i could go slightly against the grain of the perceived definition of white collar property management, and explain how it is also descriptive to my services.

    i currently offer lawn care, small scale landscaping (i do not have a skid steer, but can rent if needed), snow removal services, non certified tree services (i do not accept jobs with risk of damage to property in any form by felling a tree), pier and boat lift services (without a barge), pressure washing services, gutter cleaning etc. i hope to be able to offer simple exterior home services such as painting, roofing, deck installation at some point in time and more.
  5. tonygreek

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    How is there no professionalism tied to the word "services"? The perception of professionalism starts with the fact that you have taken the time to create a brand, which plants the seed of professionalism and being "above board". It's up to you and your service level to seal the deal. You could wear a suit and tie to power wash a house, but that doesn't make you any more or less professional than if you called your business "Element Outdoor Services" or "Element Professional Outdoor Company". Element Property Services and Element Outdoor Services both offer what you are looking for. To dive deeper than that is only going to cause you to spin yourself in to a hole, mostly because you can't have a denotative name for something that demands connotation.

    If you rule out property management, because you feel it is denotative, and the use of services, because you feel it is somehow unprofessional, you're running out of ways to give a name umbrella to the fact that you do mowing and...boat lifts. "Services" is connotative. "Property Management", it could easily be argued, is denotative. You want a connotative name, not denotative. This holds especially true when you lay out your laundry list of offerings.
  6. Element Property Mgmt

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    personally i picture some rust bucket truck filled with ancient equipment and some dirty guy with a beard driving it, when i think of a company with the denotation 'services'. obviously not always true but that is what first comes to mind for me. i was stating an opinion (fairly obviously) and to argue any further if it is or isn't a more professional denotation you will only spin yourself in a hole.
  7. tonygreek

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    On this point, you're absolutely correct.

    Also, this may help...

    the literal or primary meaning of a word, in contrast to the feelings or ideas that the word suggests.

    an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning.

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