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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by carolinacutter, Sep 14, 2004.

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    I've been doing lawns for quite a while on the side here and there. Had about 18 several years ago. My full-time gig has allowed a LOT more free time now (with a LOT less money I might add) and I want to try to rev things up a bit...My question is, I'd like to get some flyers and cards out, but how do I go about finding out if anyone is using a specific name?? I don't wanna waste a lot of money on print just to advertise somebody else. Also, when I do get something going how do I keep the same thing from happening to me??? Thanks for the help
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    look on your states sec. of state's website. it should be least it is in MO.
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    if your just solo and have not incorperated then no need to worry much. There are 4 companys within a 20 mile area of me that all have the same name " four seasons lawn & landscape"
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    Here, it goes by county. You have to get a DBA to open a bank account ect. The county issues those after checking the name you select. They will not issue duplicate names, but in some cases close enough.

    I have the following DBAs
    Metro Lawn Service
    Metro Detroit Landscaping

    but there are also these in the county

    Metro Landscaping
    Metro Lawn Maintenance

    So it can be confusing. Sometimes it's better to go with something certain... like John Q. Public Landscape Services or just Public's Lawn Care ect. Contact your bank, they can tell you where to get the correct paperwork
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    To carry Metro Lawn's point a little further, when it comes to company naming conventions, there is a list of words that are not unique identifiers. "Company" or "And" or "A" or "The" (you get the gist) are not in any way unique when it comes to making your company name different than one that exists in your state.

    Ie, in the eyes of the Secretary of The State, "Windows & Co." (one of my companies actually) is no different than "The Window Company". Oddly enough, when I filed the LLC, it was accepted, and when I mistakenly filed a DBA of the same name, it was rejected on the basis of "The Window Co.". A case of one person in the SOS office not knowing what another had done in already accepting the LLC filing.

    Dayton, Ohio
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    Hi carolinacutter,

    The following information is taken from here.

    If you are in need of free flyer and door hanger templates, visit here.

    When using any name for a business other than your own name, you must register the business name with the local Register of Deeds office. If incorporating, the corporate name should be filed instead with the N.C. Secretary of State office.

    Orange County Register of Deeds
    200 South Cameron Street
    P.O. Box 8181
    Hillsborough, NC 27278
    Phone: 245-2675

    North Carolina Secretary of State
    P.O. Box 29622
    Raleigh, NC 27626-0622
    2 South Salisbury Street
    Old Revenue Complex
    Raleigh, NC 27601
    Phone: 807-2225 Corporations and General Information
    Web Site:
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    He is all the way across the State from Orange County so they can't do anything for him. NC has 100 Counties and thus 100 County Register's so he need to file with his County if DBA.

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    I'm sure this varies widely from state to state. In my county in VA, there's a database at the courthouse you can go on to check to see if "your" name is being used already.

    Looking back on when I got started, I did everything backwards (or at least not in the correct order). When I got my business license, I paid the $30, THEN the lady asked "Did you check at the courthouse to see if the name is taken?" Uh, no. I've always had this idea to put together a list of things to do (and the correct order to do them in) for people starting a business. Could be a moneymaker, who knows...

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