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    I have a new customer who is unhappy with her current landscaper. she had to replace a section of her lawn. i determined that her new grass does not match the old. she was told that her lawn was a blue grass fescue as in a single species ( on the right ) she told her landscaper to get bluegrass (on the left) I think she has a blue grass and fescue blend i have never heard of bluegrass fescue. the right is broad and some fine the left is fine and sorta like a pencil not flat at all. glad to have any bodies 2 cents [​IMG]
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    that looks like creeping red fecue, but you should tell her their is no such thing as a single species lawn. I really don't think single species seed is available anywhere on this planet. mabey in a research lab somewhere.
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    Grasses come in one of two types, blends or mixtures. An example of a blend would be tall fescue, creeping red fescue, etc., (all types of fescue). A mixture would contain one or more fescues, bluegrass, annual rye, etc.
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    Actually in South Africa you have a grass called kikuju which is a single specied lawn / seed.

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