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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by WhiteRiverLawn, Sep 11, 2013.

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    white river,
    MSM (Manor) will take a bit to get into the roots and shoots. Better make sure it is watered in after. It will take a bit to show excellent results. Could expect 2-3 weeks for results. MSM is better used as the weed is younger and not in drought stress. MSM is a great product....not expensive.
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    Fescue will tolerate Turflon Ester. The SU herbicides, save for halosulfuron and chlorsulfuron, are marginal on cool season grasses. I believe that 1/4 oz per acre is a safe rate on fescue. You read correctly and that is enough to take out many broadleaf weeds. It is that potent.
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    Looks like a hop clover to me.
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    I agree, it is a clover of some type. 3 round leaves. It doesn't appear to be hop clover though.

    Lespedeza is much tighter growing, darker green and currently in my area, some of it is producing small lavender/purple flowers. As it matures it develops a woody type stem and is difficult to control with anything other than MSM in Bermuda lawns. KBrashears is correct. It has been an exceptional year for lespedeza. Extremely thin turf early in the year due to extreme drought of 2012 gave it all the room it needed to go crazy.

    Either way, at appropriate rates, I believe MSM would handle your problem with the clover no problem as others have pointed out already.

    If you are that worried about using Metsulfuron in cool season turf, I would probably use 3 way spiked with Triclopyr myself. I believe that would cure your problem as well. JMO
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    Three Way and Triclopyr is the safe mix on cool season turf. My experience with Three Way and/or Triclopyr on warm season turf is that only zoysia will tolerate effective rates under my conditions. I once used a mix containing both Triclopyr and MSM on a zoysia lawn infested with black medic. Did it ever work and no grow back from seed or roots.
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    I've never tried the MSM/Triclopyr mix in zoysia. I'll bet that'd smoke some Virginia Buttonweed too. I have used 3 way on lespedeza with only slight curling and discoloration of the target. Add a small amount of triclopyr and you lay waste to the lespedeza. A night and day difference. Unfortunately, 90% of my lawns are Bermuda and our conditions are much like yours most of the year. The Bermuda will only tolerate Triclopyr in small amounts during our coolest months here( winter/dormancy)
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    There are a lot of other leguminous weeds peculiar to Southern Florida and Hawaii that Three Way does nothing to unless it is applied at high rates with way too much surfactant. Even then, there is some foliar damage, followed by complete recovery of the weed. MSM does the job with minimal damage to bermuda, centipede or st augustine at rates those grasses can tolerate, even in warm weather. It is a good thing that MSM came back on the market when it did. The only other thing that worked on those types of weeds selectively was Confront or Lontrel. :nono: I used to use a lot of Lontrel for those exotic legumes. Not for use in residential lawns and in some states only allowed on golf courses or sod farms. It is a good thing that the yard boys and "landscapers" do not know about Triclopyr. Talk about missile test site if they were to spot spray with an ounce or two per gallon of Turflon Ester. I am probably the only one in the state that even buys the stuff. I only apply to zoysia for removal of other warm season grasses or for black medic. Otherwise, it does not go in the tank as an arbitrary component. I have no reason to expose flowers and trees unless the situation absolutely calls for it. The other brand name for Triclopyr is Garlon and you know what that is used for.
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    I'm going to use Confront when our temps are acceptable for the fine fescue. Not sure if I need to mix triplet And confront. If so, what's the ratio on the mix if someone has used this combination with good results? I'm guessing full rate / full rate will cook the fescue. Might just stick with a test plot of confront alone.
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